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all u have to do is read the back of the package. It will tell u how to set it up very quickly.

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A DVD can only use the top surface for data

Which holds more data a microdrve or a zip drive

How do you run Windows on Mac Leopard G4 with no Intel

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Q: How do you get Windows to install a controller?
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How you set a Xbox 360 controller?

Lots of PC games let you play with a controller instead of just a keyboard or mouse. You can quickly and easily install the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows on any computer that has an available USB port and that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or a later version of Windows.

How do you use Xbox 360 controller on PC?

1. Install the Xbox 360 controller for Windows software. 2. Download the Xbox 360 controller for Windows software directly from Microsoft if you do not have the physical disk. 3. After the software has been installed, plug your controller into the USB 2.0 port in your computer. 4. Test whether your Xbox controller is working properly.

Does windows 2000 support sata drives?

Windows 2000 has no native support for SATA drives. If you have a slipstreamed CD with service pack 4, and the drivers for the SATA controller, you can install it. If not, you will have to run the SATA controller in emulation mode, so that Windows 2000 thinks that it is an IDE drive.

Can you install an xbox 360 wired controller with mocrosoft windows xp sp3?

No. At least not without some serious time on your hands, and knowing your computer, and controller, like the back of your hand! Sorry :( i wanted to also...

How do you install IIS on Windows XP?

How to install the IIS on Windows XP

Can you install Windows 7 with Windows xp?

Yes, you can but you have to install Windows 7 in another partition.

Do you need Windows 7 to install Windows 8?

No. You can install windows 8 directly from a USB or CD.

How do you install Windows XP on PS3?

You can not install any form of windows on the PS3

Can I install Mac OS X in a Windows PC?

No, but you can install Windows in a Mac.

Can you install windows in ipad2?

Sadly you can install windows on the ipad. It is done by apple inc. and wont allow windows

How do you install windows after installation of linux?

Boot with Windows install disk and follow instructions.

Can we install games in Windows 7?

Yes. You can install and play games in Windows 7.

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