How do you get Xiahou Yuans level 11 weapon in Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme Legends?

Prevent the "Ally base guard troop decreased" message.

Achieve 400 KO Count.

All before Xiahou Dun's ally back-up troops appear. Huang Zhong attacks.

It is acceptable if ally base (map left) is infiltrated by enemies, just as

long as the "Ally base guard troop decreased" message

doesn't appear.

For that message to appear, 4 enemy teams can reach the ally base. On the

5th team, the message will appear.

The time of Xiahou Dun's ally back-up troops' appearance is dependant

on how many enemies reach the ally base (map left). The more enemies reach

the ally base, the earlier Xiahou Dun will appear.

This weapon can be unlocked easily using 2 players. The KO Count is the

combined number between the 2 players. Do this on Expert mode