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How do you get a Corphish in Pokemon Emerald?

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Routes 102, 117, Petal burg City (Super Rod)

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What Pokemon can the good rod get in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon you can get with the good rod are: TENTACOOL, MARILL, MAGIKARP, CHINCHOU ( under-water ) and CORPHISH.

What type of Pokemon is Corphish?

Corphish is a Water type pokemon.

Pokemon Emerald corphish?

Use the good rod on any route you should find it sooner or later.

What level does corphish evolve on in Pokemon emerald?

Same as always, level 30. level 30 he evolves into crawdaunt

Where to catch corphish in Pokemon FireRed?

corphish is a Pokemon that is native to the hoenn region

How do you find corphish in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to that route (cant remember which one it is) between Mauville City and Verdanturf Town and go fishing in the pond there. You'll need a Super Rod to get a Corphish.

Where can i get crawdaunt in Pokemon Emerald?

Crawdaunt are not available in the wild. The only way to get one is to evolve a Corphish (starting at level 30).

How do you evolve corphish in Pokemon diamond?

Corphish will evolve into Crawdaunt at Level 30.

How do you get corphish in emerald?

Use a good rod at petalburg city.

What level does corphish evolve at in Pokemon black?

Corphish evolves into Crawdaunt at level 30.

What Region is Corphish from in Pokemon?


What level will corphish evolve in Pokemon battle arena?

Corphish is a water type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Battle Arena, it will evolve if you manage to raise it to a level 30.

How do you get a crawdown in emerald?

Catch Corphish first and evolve it. And you'll get a crawdaunt

What is the national pokedex number for Corphish?

Corphish is #341 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water type Pokemon.

Which Pokemon can learn guillotine?

Corphish and Crawdaunt.

Pokemon Ruby where to find corphish?


How do you get a Corphish on Pokemon Light Platinum?

In the Pokemon fan hack Light Platinum, you should use a Super Rod on Route 402 to catch a Corphish.

When does corphish evovle on Pokemon Sapphire?

it evolves into crawdaunt

Where do you catch a crawdaunt on Pokemon pearl?

You have to evolve Corphish.

When does corphish evolve into crawdaunt in Pokemon pearl?


How do you catch corphish in pokemon white?

doing nothing

How do get corphish in Pokemon HeartGold?

hit it with some pokerocks

Where do you get a corphish in Pokemon sapphire?

petalburg by the gym in the water you must have a super rod corphish is usually around lvl 26

How do you get Corphish in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can get corphish in the safari zone with a good rod after you get the object organizer. check for all details

Where can you catch Corphish on Pokemon HeartGold?

Corphish can be caught in the Rocky Beach area in the Safari Zone when you place certain objects in that area. Corphish can only be caught by a Super Rod, though.