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For different schools, there will be different systems to calculate GPA (Grade Points Average). The weighted GPA [most colleges & universities require this one] is base on the scale of 4.0 which is: A - 4.0 ; B - 3.0 ; C - 2.0 ; D - 1.0; F - 0, the schools calculate this by taking average of the total grades you earn. The unweighted GPA [most schools use this for ranking the students in a class, by making a difference between AP, Advanced courses than regular courses]: For Advanced classes: A - 5.0, B -4.0, C -3.0, D -2.0, F - 0.0 For Regular classes: A - 4.0 ; B - 3.0 ; C - 2.0 ; D - 1.0; F - 0.0. And the same thing, they take average of all what you earn. Hope that helps!

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Find your final grade for each class. An A is 4 grade points, B is 3, C is 2 D is 1, F is 0. Assign that value to each letter grade, and find the average. GPA stands for Grade Point Average.

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Q: How do you get a GPA score in high school?
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