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goto mudluk and defeat the tiger leech

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Q: How do you get a Intact Tiger Leech Hide on aqworlds?
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How do tiger hide from enemies?

a tiger only has one enemy[or 2/3].it does not hide from this enemy it runs because it is so big that it kills the tiger by stepping on it.

Who is Ironhide and Wisteria in AQWorlds?

iron hide is a goblin and wisteria is a monster in guru Forest

Do tiger sharks hide in the sand?


How does a tiger hide from other animals?

A tiger's stripes helps it blend in with its natural surroundings.

What items do you need for hyperium aqworlds?

You need the J6 secret-hide out map, dwakel decoder, and the coordinates; which are 525,275.

Why are there stripes on a tiger?

so they can blend into the grass and hide to catch pray

Who would win a Siberian white tiger or a rhino?

The rhino has thick hide and muscles to protect from the tiger's claws and teeth.

What do tiger sharks do when faced with danger?

They hide . But they somtimes defend themselves . Like a tiger vs great white =O-O

Why does the tiger crouch low?

To hide him self so that the herdsmen don't see him

What do tigers represent?

Tiger's represent Strength and sneakyness, Tigers can hide from various things. Tiger's are very strong and can over come anything.

What is the appearance that helps a tiger survive?

The appearance that helps the tiger survive is the stripes that help it hide in the tall grasses so it can catch its prey.

Why do tigers live in the savanna?

there is a lot of hiding spots for the tiger to hide and stake there pray