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Trade a Porygon to a friend while it holds the item Up Grade when it's traded it will evolve then ask for Porygon2 to get it.

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Where can you catch Porygon 2 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You must evolve Porygon (From Celadon) using the UpGrade to Porygon 2.

How do you use upgrade on LeafGreen?

Upgrade,which is an item,is an item that when held by a Porygon and is trade the porygon evolves to porygon 2

What lv does Porygon 2 evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cannot evolve a porygon2 in leafgreen

What does the upgrade do on Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you get a porygon in leafgreen?

in leafgreen you get porygon by exchanging 6500 coins in gift centre near gamecorner in celedon city. but in fire red porygon costs 9999 coins.

How do you get porigon 2 in LeafGreen?

get the up-grade somewhere in the team rocket warehouse. then give it 2 a porygon and trade it. to get porygon z, (in diamond, pearl, and platinum only) give porygon 2 the dubious disc and trade him again

Where is a Dubious Disc in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can't. dubious disc is to evolve porygon 2 into porygon z, porygon z is a sinnoh Pokemon and leaf green only goes up to hoeen

How do you get a Porygon in pokemon leafgreen?

To get Porygon in Leaf Green you must have 6500 coins. Go to Game Corner in Celadon City and exchange your coins for a Porygon.

How level does Porygon evelve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Porygon evolves while being traded while holding an Upgrade.

What to do with an upgrade on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you use it to evolve your porygon into porygon2

What does an up grade do in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It evolves porygon to porygon2

How do you get a Porygon in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

buy at game corner.

Can you breed Porygon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No,because it dosent have a gender

Where to find a Porygon 2 in Pokemon?

give a porygon an up-grade to hold (found in team rocket warehouse) and trade it with a game that is leafgreen or firered but it has 2 have the national pokedex, or u can trade it 2 a more recent game

What is the up grade item in Pokemon LeafGreen for?

Upgrade can be used to evolve a Porygon by trading the Porygon while it holds the item.

When does Porygon evolve in LeafGreen?

get porygon up to a good level, then give the upgrade or dubious disc to porygon, then trade it and trade it back, if you give it upgrade, you will get porygon2, if you give it dubious disc, you get porygon-Z! yay!

Pokemon Ranger- where is Porygon?

there is porygon-2 but not porygon. porygon-2 is in oil field hideout

How do you evolve Porygon to Porygon2 in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

You need to trade a Porygon holding an Upgrade.You get an Upgrade from Silph Co building.

How do you get porygon 2?

Have a porygon hold upgrade then trade and boom its a porygon 2.

What does porygon evolve into?

Porygon 2 and porygon- z

What do you do with the upgrade when you catch a porygon?

give it to porygon and trade to get porygon-2

Where do you get a stone that evolves a Porygon?

You have to have the up-grade then trade it to evolve into Porygon-2 and then a dubilicius disc for Porygon-2 to evolve into Porygon-Z

How do you get Porygon 2 in pokemon leafgreen?

get the upgrade in the rocket warehouse on Five Island and then trade to another GBA game and then it will evolve. (porygon can be bought at lv. 18 at celadon game corner, and must be holding upgrade to evolve.)

How do you catch Porygon on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can only buy it from the game corner in the city with erika

What do you do with the upgrade in Pokemon LeafGreen?

give it to a porygon and trade it to another person and it evolves into a porygon2

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