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You need to be 16 years old or older, and a resident in Britain and you can apply for one at your nearest job centre or DSS office.

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Q: How do you get a UK national insurance number?
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How do you confirm the status on UK National Insurance Number?

my reference no is . 085969672 and i complete the form fo national insurance number for4 days ago. whats my status for national insurance number.

Does British national insurance number expire?

In the UK, the National insurance number, or NI, is a number that is issued for the purposes of paying tax and receiving social security benefits. No, the British National insurance number does not expire.

Who can legally request your UK national insurance number?


How do you write UK National Insurance number?


How can you check to see if your UK national insurance number is still valid?

Your national insurance number is yours from the minute you receive it to the day you die. It does not change or become invalid.

What is a social security number in the uk?

Usually it is a "National Insurance Number" or NIN, which is in fact made up of letters and numbers. Google National Insurance Number if you need more info.

Do the letters at the front for a UK national insurance number have any meaning?

The letters at beginning of UK insurance number haven't specific meaning. They are standard code. However unique to each insurance holder.

Is a persons UK National insurance number who has right of abode still valid from previous UK work ending several years ago?

Yes, your national insurance number is for life, and will never be re-used by another individual.

How do you find your NIN for work in UK born in UK but emigrated at three years old?

You would only have been allocated a National Insurance Number if you were living in the UK when you turned 16. If this was the case and you did not receive it, you can contact the UK National Insurance Helpline on 0345 600 0643. If you need to apply for a National Insurance Number, you should contact Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The Job Centre will be able to assist you with this if you run into difficulty. If you have a National Insurance Number but have lost it, you need to complete form CA5403 (available via the UK Government Website) and send it to HMRC, they will then send you written confirmation of your number.

Do other places in the world have social security numbers?

Many do, under different names. In the UK, it is a National Insurance Number. In Canada, it is a Social Insurance Number.

How do you apply for settlement in UK when you have a UK national Insurance number?

Ask the British Embassy in your home country. If you are already in the UK, ask the Home Office.

How long does it take to get a UK National Insurance number?

Might be a couple of weeks. it depends on the queries on your application.

How do you find your UK national insurance number if you have not used it long time?

Your UK national insurance number can be found on your pay slip, and your P60, or your tax return. If you still can't track it down, you'll need to fill out form CA5403 and mail it to the address found on the form.

Is you social security number the same as your national insurance number?

is a social security number the same as a national insurance number

How do you obtain a National Insurance Number following your immigration to the UK?

how to get a NI numberYou need to contact your local Job Centre ( Jobplus) office to make an appointment. You will be asked to provide details of your identity/eligeability to stay and reside in the UK. A temperary National Insurance number will be given (based on your date of birth) until you receive your new number.

Do UK citizens need a visa to work in Switzerland?

No, but when you arrive you have to register and get the Swiss equivalent of a National Insurance Number.

Where can someone find the number for National Insurance?

The number for National Insurance depends on the region where you live. A dedicated agent on the official National Insurance website will be happy to find it for you.

I've lost my national insurance number and have no card. How do you get your national insurance number if you're living overseas?

I am unable to find my National Insurance number and card therefore who do i contact and how can i retreive this.

Forgotten National insurance number?

I have lost my national insurance number in the uk my name is Joy Sarah Jane Gold, my date of birth is 5/2/1962. My british passport number is 707667802 . My email address is Please advise of how to retrieve this information

What is the meaning of the letters in a UK national insurance number?

The letters are used to route traffic and result in the location of the policies that are needed by policy holders and by their carriers who offer them insurance.

How can you find a national insurance number for a child?

By realising that the minimum age at which someone can obtain a national insurance number is 16.

Do you need a new UK NI number if you change your whole name by Deed Poll to your original birth name?

You will not be given a new national Insurance Number. Your records will be updated and they will issue you with a new National Insurance Number Card. Source: The Deed Poll Service

Is NHS number same as social security number?

No. If you are asking the UK equivalent of an SSN, it is called a NIN, National Insurance Number. Your NHS number (if you even have one, not everyone does) is not related to this.

What is national insurance number in united kingdom?

Everyone living permanantly in the UK has an identifying number similar to a Social Security number in the US. A UK NI number would look something like this: AB 12 34 56 C

What are the first two letter on a national insurance number?

The 2 letter prefix to the National Insurance Number represent the approximate year of birth.