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How do you get a US passport?

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If your town has a passport office, go there. If it is not near you or if your town does not have one, you should apply at the post office.

Try the sites in Related Links, below. They will show you where you can get one.

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You do not have your US passport with you How do you get the number of your passport?

You Don't. You need to have a passport in order to have a passport number.

In the US where can you go without a passport?

If you are a US citizen you do not need a passport to travel in the US.

Can I reenter the US on an expiring passport?

If it is an expiring US passport then the answer is yes.

Is a passport needed to travel from a US Territory to the US?

Passport is a requisit.

Does a US citizen need a passport to go to Jamaica?

A US citizen is required to have a passport, or a passport card, at any point of entry into the US.

Can you travel from us to London with a passport?

Yes, with a passport you can fly from the US to anywhere.

How do you change a US passport card to a US passport?

Not all countries would recognise a US passport card, the document is only of limited value.If you want a full US passport, you need to contact the US National Passport Information Centeron telephone 1-877-487-2778.

You are a permanent resident with a social security number do you need an US passport or a Mexican passport to travel to Australia?

You'll need a US PASSPORT to return to the US.

Does a US passport qualify for a EEU or EEA passport?

No. The US is not a member of the EEU/EEA.

Do you need a passport to return to the US?

in order to leave or return the US you must have a passport.

Can you obtain a us passport without US citizenship?

No, you must be a citizen of the United States to be eligible for a passport from the US

What are the requirements for travel between Mexico and US?

It depends: Air From US to Mexico: passport From Mexico to US: passport AND visa Land From US to Mexico: ID and/or birth certificate From Mexico to US: passport AND visa

Can you travel to Italy on a US passport with 4 a months expiry date?

no because you need a Italy passport. You cant use a us passport

Can you get an Italian passport if you were born in Italy but am a US citizen and have a US passport?

Maybe there is dual citizenship, but you need to contact passport services to find out.

Do you need a passport to fly to CA?

as long as you are from the US, you don't need a passport to fly with the US.

Do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico from US?

Travels to Puerto Rico from the US are exempt from passport requirements. So, you do not need a passport.

How much is a passport fee?

Currently $135 for a US passport.

Does a us passport photo need to be signed?

signature on passport

If you have an US passport do you need a visa for Bangkok?

you dont need a visa to bangkok on us passport....

How much does it cost to Renew a US passport?

The cost to renew a US passport is approx $110.00.

What is the safest passport to travel on?

Practically, it is safe to travel with a legitimate, valid passport of your country. If you are a dual passport holder then you use the particular passport for that country and the other passport for the other country. like if you are travelling to US then use US passport if you are travelling Canada use your Canadian passport.

Can a resident alien obtain a passport?

Not from the USA, you must be a citizen in order to obtain a US passport. You can travel with your country of origen's passport and the green card as long as the passport is not expired Are there any exceptions to this rule, that is one must be a US Citizen in order to obtain a US passport?

How can I get a US passport if I was born in Cuba?

It makes no difference where you were born. I believe you must be a citizen of the US in order to get a US passport.

Do you need a passport to go to Miami?

No you don't if you were born in the US or are at least a US citizen. If you are not a US citizen you will need a passport.

Do you need a passport to fly state to state in the US?

If you are a US citizen you can fly to another US state without a passport.

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