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How do you get a Wonder Card or Wonder News in Pokemon Leaf Green?

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I think you have to go to Nintendo event and get the wonder spot.And to get the wonder news you have to fill out a srript at Any martket but cledon's.Then you must put link together with all and turn off your gameboy and go to mystery gift>But you must have an wireless adaptor.

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What does the pokeball mean on a Pokemon card?

It means the card is from the fire red and leaf green card pack.

What Pokemon are in Leaf Green?

There are alot of Pokemon in Leaf Green ( about 200).

Do you battle ash in Pokemon leaf green?

you ARE ash in Pokemon leaf green

What happens if you catch all Pokemon in Leaf Green?

You get a gold card and a diploma, yay! And a star on your Trainer Card

Where do you get pollywhirl in pokemon leaf green?

You can get Pollywhirl in Pokemon Leaf Green in Virdian City.

How do you get the Wonder Gift in Pokemon FireRed and Leaf Green?

Wonder Gifti think it has to be the us version cause English version only has wonder cards and wonder new AnswerThere ain't such thing,even in the US version.

What Pokemon can you get in FireRed that you cant get in leaf green?

The Pokemon you can get in fire red and not leaf green are Electabuzz and Scyther.

How do you get mamoswine in leaf green?

you can't get mamoswine in Pokemon leaf green because it doesn't exist in leaf green

How do you get to pal park in green leaf?

there is no Pokemon green leaf and Pokemon leaf green you can't only diamond pearl platinum heartgold soulsilver and maybe black and white

Can you get Eevee on Pokemon emerald?

No only Fire Red and Leaf Green and trade it from Pokemon fire red and leaf green

What is behind the door on pokemon sapphire?

behind the door is leaf green u enter the Pokemon leaf green world

Where is Blaine on Pokemon leaf-green?

Blaine is on Cinnabar Island in Leaf-Green. He is the gym leader there.

Why does Pokemon trainer leaf not have a name?

She does its either Leaf or Green.

What is the 2nd best Pokemon card?

Leaf anergy card

What does Celebi look like?

Celebi is green and is a leaf type pokemon,and has two wings.I know because I have the card my self.

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon leaf-green?

Cinnibar Island Hope this helps

Can you capture new Pokemon in leaf-green?


How do you teleport on Pokemon leaf-green?

Catch an Abra

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

you dont i think

What happens if you trade a DiamondPearl Pokemon to LeafGreen?

you cant trade Pokemon diamond pearl with leaf green. You can only do that if you trade Pokemon from leaf green to diamond pearl.

Where do you find ekans in Pokemon Leaf Green?

They can not be caught in Leaf Green, you need to trade with Fire Red.

Cheats for Pokemon for Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Pokemon Leaf Green don't have a Cheats.

Can you migrat Pokemon from your Pokemon Green leaf to your R4 Pokemon perl?

Yes, you can but you have to have a cord and the go to the trading center in leaf green it is upstairs of the Healing place and go to the trading center in Pokemon "pearl" and then trade the pokemons. When you are done that save in leaf green and the shut that down and save for Pokemon pearl. Then, in Pokemon pearl go to the safari zone and walk around and you'll find the pokemons that you traded from Leaf Green to Pokemon Pearl.

How do you get the Pokemon from Game Boy LeafGreen onto my DS?

Beat the Pokemon League on DS. Then insert Leaf Green and select migrate from 'Leaf Green'.

How do you find Blastoise in Pokemon diamond?

you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green you have to migrate them on Fire red or Leaf green