How do you get a background for a G-mail account?

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2009-04-19 19:59:03

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click "themes" there will be an option

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2009-04-19 19:59:03
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Q: How do you get a background for a G-mail account?
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How do you set the background for your Gmail account?

Choose settings and then Themes.

How can you add a background to your Gmail account?

Background on gmail could be added via themes mainly.The themes contain interesting backgrounds matching with the text. They can be used to customize your account.

How do you change a background in Gmail?

Under Google Account Settings look for gmail settings, then go to the themes tab.

How do ypu put a background on your Gmail account?

You can put a background on a gmail page via various themes. There are themes like black, green, blue, white etc. They put their respective backgrounds on the screen.

How can you access the another Gmail account?

The way I can access another Gmail account, I can't access the Gmail account unless I need that Gmail and user ID to access another Gmail account. And yes there is another alternative way to access the gmail account and in that case i need to have the phone number of the gmail account then i can easily access the gmail account

How do you set an Gmail backgroud?

You can change the Gmail background easily. This can be done by changing the Gmail Theme. The theme contains with the background too.

Will a Gmail account give me a YouTube account?

No, But you can sign up for YouTube with that Gmail Account!

How do you switch from a Yahoo Mail account to a gmail account?

You can switch from Yahoo account to Gmail account easily. The account can be created on Gmail account. You can export all the data from yahoo account as well.

How can you change your back round on Gmail?

You can change the background via themes. Themes are the ones that can make account look different. They also change the background of the page.

How do i delete an old Gmail account?

how do I delete an old gmail account

Can you retrieve your disabled Gmail account - and if so how?

My Gmail account was disabled, but there is no way that you can get your Gmail account back, sorry for your unfortunate event.

Is Gmail already with your Google account?

Gmail and Google account are the same thing. The account created for Gmail can be used for Google. It is because Gmail itself is a a part of Google.

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