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How do you get a berry case in Pokemon ruby?

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you go to slaport city and go into the contest building and talk to a little girl and she says: I have two so you can have one!.

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What berry is number 13 in Pokemon ruby?

Mago berry

How do you get the berry case on Pokemon Ruby?

there is one it is in the contest hall in slaport the girl in red dress on the left

What is pokeblock case use in Pokemon ruby?

It stores your Pokéblock that you made using the Berry Blender machines inside the Contest Halls.

How do you get a custap berry in Pokemon pearl?

It is possible to obtain a Custap berry in Pokemon Pearl. To get it you have to trade from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald version.

What does berry juice do in Pokemon ruby version?

It heals 20 HP of the Pokemon you use it on.

Where do you find berry blender case on Pokemon ruby?

In slateport contest hall near can link to your friends and use the blender to make pokeblocks

Pokemon Ruby how to get the spelon berry?

ohave to talkto the berry master's wife and say GREAT SEX

Where do you catch a bonsly in Pokemon ruby?

The berry master's wife will give it to you ..and also a pamtre berry for free

How do you get the lansat berry starf berry enigma berry and leichi berry in Pokemon sapphire or ruby?

the enigma berry is impossible, the leichi berry can be obtained at mirage island or from Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness, the other berries may be able to be obtained from emerald.

What Pokemon holds the sitrus berry when you catch them in Pokemon ruby version?

No PKMN on Ruby hold that berry,but on Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, wild Furret,Linoone,and Bibarel have a five percent chance of holding it.

How do you get the apicot berry in Pokemon Ruby?

From what I've heard, you have to transfer it from Pokemon: Battle Revolution for the Wii.

Where is a sitrus berry in Pokemon ruby?

you get it from the berry master in route 123 you will find a house with berries all around it

Where do you find a tamato berry in Pokemon?

Tamato berries are randomly given out by the berry master in ruby, sapphire or emerald.

Where do you get a Pokemon berry case in Pokemon sappire?

you already have it built into your bag!!!

Where do you get a salac berry in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't get a Salac Berry in Pokémon Ruby. Instead, you have to get one in Pokémon Coliseum or Pokémon XD and transfer it to your Ruby game.

How do you get the galon berry in Pokemon Ruby?

You have to get the us colloseum bonus disc to get jirachi it will be holding a Ganlon berry 50percent of the time.

How do you get the pokeblocks in pokemon ruby?

Make sure you have a pokeblock case and go in any contest hall and look for the blenders. Press A and you can berry blend, it creates one pokeblock.

How do you make indago pokeblocks in Pokemon ruby?

It depends on the lvl of the pokemon...: BLUE- Level 10: Chesto Berry Oran Berry Level 25: Wiki Berry INDIGO- Level 10: Lum Berry Bluk Berry Wepear Berry Level 25: Kelpsy Berry Hondew Berry Cornn Berry Level 50: Pamtre Berry

In Pokemon Ruby Version how long does it take a chesto berry to grow?

it takes 72 steps for the persone tov grow a berry

Where do you get a sitrus berry in Pokemon Ruby?

I'm bored so I will answer :D... Citrus berries can be found about everywhere in Pokemon Ruby... so a good example is Route 22.

How do you find pamtre berry in platinum?

Only firered, leafgreen, ruby, sapphire and emerald can get a pamtre berry for firered and leafgreen you can get it from a Pokemon with the ability pickup, in ruby, sapphire and emerald talk to the berry masters wife and tell her "challenge contest" she will be impressed and give you a pamtre berry.

How do you give Pokemon pokeblock?

In Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald after you make a pokeblock, you can check the pokeblock case and you give the desired Pokemon the pokeblock to help it do better in Pokemon contests. After you have received a pokeblock case and you made pokeblock at the berry blending machine go to your key items in your bag and scroll down to your pokeblock case then simply select the pokeblock you want to give your Pokemon.

Who is the mirage sensitive Pokemon in ruby version?

the Pokemon are random and the only Pokemon on the mirage island is wynaut and the only item is a lecie berry.

Where do you find the berryblocks on Pokemon ruby?

In the contest place( in lilycove city that has the big poke-mart)but first you have to get a poke-block case at the front desk of the contest place.Then to the right there will be berry blenders that you have to do with somebody. Then those will make berry-blocks.

Where can you get a berry in Pokemon FireRed?

one way to get a berry is by catching a seel on island four nd it might have the aspear berry to help if your Pokemon becomes frozen but other than that im not sure or you can trade from sapphire ruby or emerald with a Pokemon holding a berry but othan than those im not sure how to get a berry in firered version

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