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Naturally sitting on your bum will make it bigger. The body likes to cushion itself, so if it is constantly sitting on a chair, at the computer then it will grow custom to it and provide extra cushioning (the body likes to make its self comfortable.) But chances are if you sit on the computer for too long and not get out once and a while you might find your self gaining a bit of weight.

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How can a teen girl get a bigger butt?

You can't really get a big butt without surgery or gaining a lot of weight. But they make padded underwear that makes your butt seem bigger in a good way. Try that first.

When you lose weight does your butt get big?

No. It becomes smaller as well.

What do I do with a big fat butt?

Lose weight if you think it's too big- not sure what you are asking

What can you eat to get a big butt and big breasts?

If you eat a lot of corn or other refined (processed) carbohydrates you can gain weight all over including weight on your breasts and butt. Refined (processed) carbohydrates are the major cause of unwanted weight gain and obesity. However, there in no healthy food, or unhealthy food, that enables you to gain weight on just your breasts and butt.

how big is your butt?


How big is my butt?

as big as ur face

How to grow fast big butt?

Eat Alot. May Increase Breast and Butt size, but unfortuantly, Make you gain weight.

How can you get rid of a big butt?

Spot reducing is a myth. If you want to lose your "big butt," try losing weight all over through a moderate diet and exercise. Or perhaps you could give it to one of all the other girls who want a big butt.

How can you get a big butt without taking pills?

To improve your butt size, you can eat a lot or walk up and down stairs.

Does walking help lose weight in the butt?

not really... If you have a big butt you are going to live with it the rest of your life. And if you want to go on a diet to loose some of your butt then go ahead.

What exercise to do to make ur butt and thighs big?

U can eat alot of fat foods then lose the weight and it goes to ur butt

How can you lose weight in your legs and butt because they look big?

you can lose weight in your legs and butt by going on the specail K diet and doing tabo every other me you'll see results(:

Is it bad if a butterfly's butt is big?

yes because it effects the weight and the butterfly cannot fly correctly

When is a butt too big?

if your butt starts to hit and touch things it to BIG!

Does hot coca give you a big butt?

no why would it give you a big butt

What does it mean if a guys says you have a big butt?

It means he considers your butt big.

Do rihanna has a big butt?

Yes she has a big butt. She so sexy and hot..

How big is a butt supposed to be?

about 15cm with a circumference of 7.3 mm

How do you make butt big?

A butt implant!

Is myy butt big?

Look at your butt.

Does drinking chocolate milk make your butt size big?

No, it doesn't make your butt big. Over eating can make it big, whatever food is eaten. Just like any other food, too much chocolate milk can cause weight gain.

How big is a moose butt?


How big is the average butt?

hmm hard question well Nick Olsen has a big butt soo idk what his butt size is

How do you know if your butt is too big?

climb through a window. If you get stuck, your butt is too big.

List of pills for growing big butt?

No pill will help you grow a big butt specifically.