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write a note to that persons girl friend then you take their boy friend to a romantic place and kiss him then you see that persons girl friend crying and saying hes cheating on me

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If the boy has a girlfriend, find a guy that doesn't have a girlfriend.

If a boy has a girlfriend then he is considered taking and you should leave him alone and later he may break up with his girlfriend.

Depends if you are a boy or girl searching for a girlfriend.

a boy kisses his girlfriend when he feels it is a good time and when ur most ready and not expecting it

He might like you more than his girlfriend

no he do not he looking for one no he do not he looking for one do you have girlfriend?

Soulja Boy does not have a girlfriend.

If there is a boy who has a girlfriend and you like him that is not a sin.

Tell his girlfriend or tell him to dump her for you

A 12 year old boy does not need a girlfriend

Only if you want to be his girlfriend. it does if u say yes

No one knows if Soulja Boy has a girlfriend. That's his personal life. Why Don't you try asking him?

forget about that boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answer dont mess with him

A defense mechanism that the boy is not interested.

do him, and he'll like you (possibly more than his girlfriend).

Soulja boy broke up with his ex-girlfriend because she wouldn't have sex with him one night after returnin home from the club.

When a boy keeps telling you about his girlfriend it probably means he really likes his girlfriend and likes to talk about her, but the only way to know for sure is to ask him.

If a boy you like has a girlfriend you should first tell the boy how you feel. If the boy reciprocates your feelings or wants to spend time with you, tell him that you won't spend time with him until he breaks up with his girlfriend. It's never a good thing to break up a relationship.

A boy at the age of ten can have a girlfriend. Dating is a whole other thing you should be in the presents of an adult.

=A boy wants love==A boy wants love=

Him girlfriend are the purpose. she do hear to much soulja boy

If he likes you better, then why does he even have a girlfriend?

if a boy does not like you as a girlfriend..then he just dont