How do you get a boy to break up with his girlfriend and go out with you?


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Better to get the girl to break up with the boy you are interested in.

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If a boy has a girlfriend then he is considered taking and you should leave him alone and later he may break up with his girlfriend.

Embarrass him so he will break up or Just text or email him to say your dumped!

Soulja boy broke up with his ex-girlfriend because she wouldn't have sex with him one night after returnin home from the club.

A boy is very trickie to solve but to find out -1.go out with his best friend for fake and tell the friend its fake and 2.when the boy gets jealous3. tell the friend to ask why did you break up with her and if the friend has a girlfriend then you out of luck.

There are no standard breakup rules. It is simply talking to the person.

act like you are not bothered soon they will break up!

No, Colby Broke up with his girlfriend, his song called "Let You Go" was about their break-up.

Just get to know him more as a friend and if he and his girlfriend break up you will be there when he is ready for a new reletionship. But remember NOT to flirt with him or appear as a threat to his girlfriend.

If a boy you like has a girlfriend you should first tell the boy how you feel. If the boy reciprocates your feelings or wants to spend time with you, tell him that you won't spend time with him until he breaks up with his girlfriend. It's never a good thing to break up a relationship.

say "son break up with your girlfriend".

because Justin bieber is a chicks boy?

He might, but there is no way to know for sure. It sounds like he is just leading you on and has no plans to break up with his girlfriend.

Very common. There is really nothing you can do. Do not try to break them up because that will just backfire. My best advice to you is to just become really good friends with this boy and then maybe when him and his girlfriend break up he will need a shoulder to cry on......

It sounds as if you were on the rebound and chose another girlfriend before getting over your ex. Your girlfriend deserves the respect and dignity of you telling her the truth and if you don't break up with her then you are using her and the truth will eventually come out and hurt her deeply. Break up and go back to your ex and if she doesn't want you don't go running back to your girlfriend.

Do what you want to do, break up with your girlfriend and take the other girl, or don't go out with the other. It is that simple.

you go up to the guy and tell him you dont mean this in a bad way but you think that his girlfriend is no good for him

Well wait for him to break up with his girlfriend but don't be the one to break it up.

you probably should not, but if you can't resist ask him how things are going with him and his girlfriend, if he says not so good, maybe after they break upif they do, give him some time and ask him out. If things are going well with his girlfriend, you probably will not be able to go out with him for a while unless they unexpectedly break up.

well theres nothing wrong if your older but dont make the boy break up with his current girlfriend to go out with you. i mean unless your that desprate

Exactly what it sounds like. He doesn't know how to break. up with his girlfriend so he probably is just asking you a nice way that he can break up with her. You're a girl so he he wants your opinion on how he can dump her nicely

She wants to break up with you

If he has a girlfriend then, no, it is a bad idea no matter how much you like him. If he really likes you he would break up with her then go out with you. If you two are just gonna hang out like friends then he should tell her first so she won't think its cheating or something.

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