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You should know that most guys are fairly shy about this, especially at a younger age which I'm assuming you are, so you have to be the one to make this move. Just show him that you like him in various ways like asking him what he is doing this weekend or what hes doing after school or whatever like that. Just spend a lot of time with him and write him notes and junk. Guys like it, trust me I am one. Then any chance you have to cuddle with him or if you are sitting on his lap or anything like that, just lean over and kiss him. If your feeling a little froggy, then leap...throw a little tongue in there. He won't complain, trust me.

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Q: How do you get a boy to like you and then kiss you?
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When you have your period should you kiss a boy?

You can kiss a boy whenever you like (as long as he consents). There's no reason you can't kiss a boy when on your period, you can do anything you like while you're on your period.

What should you do if the boy you like kiss a other girl because he was told that you kiss a boy but you didn't?

just tell him you didn't kiss another boy.

Should you kiss a boy that you like that's not your boyfriend?

If you have feelings for the boy, then Kiss Him! don't hold back!

How do you get a boy that you like to kiss you?

I believe that the traditional invitation is "Kiss me, you fool."

Can you kiss a boy if your a boy?

Yes you can kiss a boy if you are a boy

What do you do if a boy you really like wants to kiss you what do you do?

kiss him! or talkto him about it.

Why do boy like too kiss?

because they in love with you or because when they kiss you tehy like to touch your body...

How do you kiss a boy with out telling him you like him?

I think kissing him, unless the kiss were sisterly, would tell him you like him.

If a boy blows you a kiss does he like you?


First kiss with a boy?

if its your first kiss you like him and he likes you then go to kiss him but if he pulls back then stop if its your first kiss you like him and he likes you then go to kiss him but if he pulls back then stop

How should girl kiss a boy?

a girl should kiss a boy passionately yet subtle. you might want to let the boy kiss you first and then just respond to it because that is how some guys like it.

How do you know if a boy wants to french kiss you?

generally if a boy is interested in some one romantically or sexual they would like to kiss them.

How does an 11 year old girl get a boy to kiss her?

tell him that you like him and be all sweet if he likes you gack and to afraid to kiss you you kiss him! You tell him that you like him. If he likes you back but to afraid to kiss you, you kiss him!

Who to kiss a boy?

you should kiss a crush your boyfriend or somebody who you can trust and you think they like you

What do you say to a boy before you kiss him?

You say: You may not like this but I will. Then you kiss him.

You like a boy named tanner how do you kiss him?

tell him u like him ask if he likes u back and kiss if he does

Will a boy get mad if you kiss him when he does not like you?

depends. if you want to kiss him. ask if you can kiss him. better off rejected than making a disaster. and who knows, maby he'll kiss you and like it!

How do i get the boy i like to kiss me if he has a girl friend?


How do you kiss a gay boy?

You open your mouth and he opens his mouth and then you put your mouths together, just like you would kiss a straight boy.

If you are 9 can you kiss a boy you like if he likes you back?

Yes, as long as it is not a long, romantic kiss.

The boy you like likes you but he wants you to kiss his cheeck?

And this is a problem? Just go out with him, and kiss him if you want to.

How would a tomboy kiss a girl?

My experience is a best friend tomboy kiss me but that is because we are friends. If you are saying the french kiss-like kiss then my answer would be : they would kiss you just like a boy kisses a girl.

How do you kiss a nervous boy?

I say you just kiss him. if he is nervous and you aren't then you kiss him and see what he says after that... if you like eachother then it shouldnt be that bad.

Im 13 i never kissed a boy should i kiss a friend or should i wait and kiss a boy i like more then a friend?

don't just kiss someone to kiss someone wait to find someone you really care about

Does frank iero like to kiss?

yeah, what boy dosent?