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theres a lot of ways. but really play to the interests of the person you are going after. Don't dress like a hooker or anything then your attracting the wrong type of attention, but find out some of his interests and if you arnt interested in them yourself, act like you are. Just be your self and he will come to you

act really nice and don't show off.

Most importantly BE YOURSELF!

Exactly be yourself. That's the most important thing!

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Q: How do you get a boy to notice you?
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What can you do to get a boy to notice you?

Flash him.

How do you get a guy you barley know to notice you?

A boy will usually notice a girl who talks to him.

How can I get a boy to love me?

umm you cant get no boy to love you, but you can get them to notice you. So get him to notice you, start being friends and maybe he will start likeing u

How do you make a boy who doesn't notice you notice you?

I want to improve the question that says," How do you make a boy who dosn't notice you, notice you c ? ----you communicate with him..start off saying hi and become friends first..then you can ask him to hang digits..and other stuff that friends do

How do you make a boy notice you?

Talk to them, and become their friend

What features does a boy notice when they look at a girl?


How can you get a boy to look and notice you?

Flash him... with a great smile ;)

How do you get a boy to notice you at the beach?

Take off your top.

Is krusty the clown a boy or a girl?

He is a boy for if you notice that his legs are bigger than a womans could be.

What did Robert Hooke's father notice about him as a young boy?

a person

How do you notice a boy has a crush on you?

how you know when a boy has a crush on you is when a boy looks at you all the time. or text him and ask or call just be yourself about it when you ask

How do you get a boy you don't know to notice you?

jusr be beatifull nd yrself

How do you make a boy notice?

talk to him! Flirt with him! Try to be an intriguing person.

How do you get a boy that you don't really know to notice you?

talk to him and make conversation

How do you get a really smart boy to notice you?

u play smart and talk to him

When you love a boy and he doesnt seem to notice you what do you do?

get his attention dazzle him with your awsomeness go to utube and type in how to get a guy to notice you that helps alot

How do you get a cuteboy to notice you after he callls you ugly?

A better question would be: Why would you want a cute boy to notice you, if he just called you ugly....?

What should a do when a boy proposes her?

A should most likely respond to the boy in question. This will show the male that you are taking notice of him senpai~

Fancy a boy?

just play it cool. if he doesnt notice you, it isnt meant to be.

Does a boy like you if he jokes with you and pushes you?

yes because he wants you to notice him ! .x

You like a boy and he doesn't know you exsit?

create a plan so he notice you

How do you get a 6th grader boy to notice you but has no idea that you exist?

wear slutty clothes

How do you get an 8th grade boy to notice you?

Just be Yourself flirt do anything fun

What do you do to get a boy?

go up and talk to the boy or just be yourself and see of he notices you. Ask a friend to introduce you to him or just wait for him to notice you.

How do you get a boy that you fancy to notice you?

take notice in the things he likes and make sure he realizes that your interested in those same things. Talk to him about whatever he likes.