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Talk to him. Let him know everything you like. Be yourself. ;)

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The boy has a large birth mark on his face, which none of the other littluns had.

just play it cool. if he doesnt notice you, it isnt meant to be.

get his attention dazzle him with your awsomeness go to utube and type in how to get a guy to notice you that helps alot

A boy will usually notice a girl who talks to him.

If he doesnt pay attention to you and doesnt really care about talking to you.

if the boy doesnt notice you its because maybe you didnt show your true self to him.go out have fun and dont try to think about him .if he is a classmate so try to be atractive in class.

if it doesnt take him long to "get done"

You know when a boy doesnt like you anymore when..he doesnt pay attention to youignores your call / doesnt call you at alltexts / flirts with your friendsdoesnt go place with youdisowns you

no it doesnt neccessarily but it could mean that he likes you.He just wants to get your attention and for you to notice you.

i wish you loved me by tynisha keli

Well If he is constantly picking on you he obviosly is just trying to find a reason to talk to you but doesnt wanna come off as freindly for fear that you may think he likes you (which he doesnt want you to know.) Also if you notice him always looking at you he probly likes you.

create a plan so he notice you

how you know when a boy has a crush on you is when a boy looks at you all the time. or text him and ask or call just be yourself about it when you ask

Ok well girl first, It's not something you have the power to do. But if you just give him hints maybe he'll notice, but if he doesnt just remember your too good for him. Yes, I said that! A girl who likes a boy and the boy doesnt notice you, your too good for him believe me. Theres someone else in the world if he doent work for you.

It just means he happens to find her attractive enough to notice.

Approach him. Boys dont like shy girls, or mean ones. Hang out with other guys and act cool. If you are not so pretty, dont wear make-up or tight clothes, boys dont like that. if he doesnt notice you even after you talked to him, talk to him more, but dont smother him. Sit next to him at lunch or in class. And DONT embarrass him. If you need to pick a boy partner, pick a cute boy you hardly know. Then i bet he will notice.

A boy that does not want to talk to you anymore will not call or text as much. This boy will probably have excuses as to why he can't hang out.

if a boy says that he doesnt like you but uou know he does, he does!

yes.... what boy do u know that doesnt judge girls

Make him notice you. Start hanging around him, make yourself noticable. Ask some of his friends about the things he's interested in and see if you two have someting in common and bring it up in a coversation.

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