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most time if the car was in an accident and is totaled you will have to by it back from your insurance company

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Q: How do you get a car after your vehicle is damaged?
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Can your vehicle detailing be damaged by a car wash?

visit our signaturedetailers

What happens to a car in an accident?

it gets damaged the authorities remove and impound the vehicle.

Who is responsible for a vehicle damaged in your garage which was hit by an unknown vehicle?

since other (or negligent party) vehicle is 'unknown' then the collision coverage on the damaged vehicle will be the policy to fix this car.....(yes you will have some type of deductible)....homeowners policys typcially exclude everything about auto...

How far can you tow a disabled vehicle equipped with automatic transmission?

depends. the car could be damaged differently.

Does liability insurance get you money for a car if your car is totaled?

The other parties liability should if it was their fault. Your liability should cover the vehicle you damaged.

Can you sue the driver of the vehicle in a car accident?

yes you can sue anybody. but it all depends on how badly you or your car was damaged and if the other person has insurance.

What is a better way to say Vehicle is damaged due to mistreatment?

"Owner wrecked car" or "Owner drove car into ground" It depends on the type of mistreatment.

Can a vehicle be damaged if another car backs into it and it moves about 2 feet while in park but there are skid marks?

Most definitely. It does not take much to damage a car today with plastic bumper skins.

Is it legal in the United States to drive around with a damaged car?

It is currently not legal for a driver to drive around in a damaged car. If caught by a police officer, the driver can face stiff penalties including a fine or confiscation of their vehicle.

What does is mean when you have dent in your after car crash?

When we go through an accident , our car bumps with the other vehicle and the outer layer of the car goes inside and is damaged. So this is known as the dent after a car crash.

Who is responsible when there is a three car accident and the 3rd car only damages the 2nd car?

I believe whomever caused the accident is at fault, whether their car was damaged or not. * The evidence compiled in the accident investigation will determine the responsible party. To determine who is at fault in a vehicle accident investigators use a method referred to as "chain of causation" and begin the investigation with the vehicle that was last in motion. This does not necessarily mean that the driver of said vehicle is the one responsible for the accident. It is quite possible that the driver of the vehicle that was not damaged will be the one determined to be responsible for causing the accident.

What is collision automobile insurance?

Collision pays to have your car fixed if it is damaged in a collision with another vehicle. There is usually a deductible that you have to pay.