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You must've hit it by accident. Feed it a fruit, and pet it. It will eventually forgive you.

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Q: How do you get a chao to love you again my chao loved me but now it's crying like crazy?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Almost Crying - 1978?

The cast of Almost Crying - 1978 includes: Harvey Chao Jacqueline Humbert Frances Leeming

How do you get a transparent chao?

You can get a Transparent Chao by breeding a Shiny Chao with a Jewel Chao. When you get the egg, there is a possibility that when you hatch it, it will be either an Invisible, Transparent, or a Two-Tone Chao. If it's not a Transparent Chao, then you can always try again. Hope I helped!

What does it mean when your chao is still a baby and the thing on its head has been blue all its life but just suddenly got darker its crying a little bit but you've never been mean to it?

maybe your chao has been played with both hero and dark characters equal, but lately has been played with more by dark. your chao is most likely crying because you spoiled it. petting your chao WAAYY too much and feeding it too much special chao fruit may spoil your chao. wen your chao is spoiled it will cry wen you are looking at it. But whatever you do do not look a chao island for information!The site is rigged with maleware that could harm your computer!

How long is a chao year?

for a chao to turn a year old is 3 hours in the chao garden. but if your asking how many years a chao can live up to, the answer is 5 years. after that, the chao will either die. if it you mistreated it, or it will reincarnate, this happens when the time for a chao comes but if the chao loved you it will reincarnate and turn himself into an egg to be with you. a chao can become immortal after it reincarnates 2 times. but that is the maximum for the reincarnation stage for a chao. if you have a chaos chao of any kind it will not be able to breed at all.

How do you get translucent chao?

You can get a Translucent Chao by breeding a Jewel Chao with a Shiny Chao. When it hatches, it will either be invisible, translucent, or two-tone. If it's not translucent, then you can always try again. Hope I helped!

What do you do when your sonic chao reincarnates in sonic adventure 2 battle?

You do the process to get a sonic chao again or make it reincarnate twice for a CHAOS CHAO!!! - the same as he said, but your chao will be better each tmie it reincarnates because it will keep 10% of its stats !!

How can you use the same small animal as many times as you like on sonic adventure 2 battle?

Carry the ananimal, get close to your chao so that your shadow is near your chao and put the animal. The chao will get the states + you can use it again and again! This can also be used in sonic adventure dx

When a chao dies does it keep its stats?

When a chao dies and is reborn, it will retain 1/10 of its stats. Sometimes, if your chao has high enough stats before it dies, it will be able to walk or swim as soon as it is born again.

Can your chao be a chaos chao if it has evolved?

Well that depends, has it reincarnated twice? if it has reincarnated twice and evolved into something other than a chaos chao than you have to wait for it to reincarnate again, then do the one of each 21 animals thing. than after that it should evolve to a chaos chao.

In sonic adventure 2 battle can you make an angel chao normal again?


What is the best chao trick in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Best Chao Trick Ever: When you give your chao animals to power up, DON'T just run up to them and give them the animal. INSTEAD... drop the animal just a little bit in front of them. The animal will bounce back, and guess what? You can use it AGAIN! And AGAIN! And AGAIN! Trust me, before you know it, your chao will be maxed out on every level (that's right, lv99!) and you're set to conquer anything that the Chao Races or Karate Competions can throw at you! Pretty nifty cheat, right?

How do you get two tone chao?

1.Hatch and evolve any normal colored chao(if you want a pink two-tone, get a pink egg and you can do any color) 2.Hatch and evolve any normal chao like the first chao you get 3.Breed the 2 chao and you should get a two-tone. If you don't, try breeding again