Death Note (Anime and Manga)

How do you get a death note?

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You Can't Get A REAL Death Note. But, You Can Buy A Death Note Model Which Looks Exactly Like The One In the series With The Rules and Death Note Pages Included. You Can Buy It On Ebay, CraigList, Or An Anime Convention.

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What is cooler Death Note or salormoon?

Death Note. The Death Note manga is better then the anime.

Are there more movies of Death Note?

There are three Death Note films : Death Note , Death Note : The Last Name and L : Change The World .

When was Death Note released?

Death Note was manga was released in 2003.In Japan Death Note was anime in 2006.In America Death Note anime was released in 2006.

Where to get the death note wordings?

death note vol.1

Can you get a death note before reading death note?


What is the title of death note movie 1?

Death Note !!

What are episodes of Death Note?

Episodes of Death Note are the plot line of the Death Note manga recreated into a professional animation.

Near from death note?

Yes, Near is a character in Death Note

Who wrote death note?

Tsugumi Ohba wrote Death Note.

What is death note rewrite?

It is a Rewrite of the original Death Note series.

Can you destroy a death note?

if you have a death note. your gonna die. sorry.

What is the duration of Death Note?

The duration of Death Note is 1.67 hours.

Who did light love in death note?

No one but his Death Note.

How many live death note movies are there?

There are three "Death Note" live action films : 1)Death Note , 2)Death Note: The Last Name and 3) L: Change the World .

How many episode of death note are there?

The Death Note anime has 37 episodes.

Where can you find Death Note abridged?

You can find Death Note abridged on Youtube.

Can a death note owner kill another death note owner?


How do you destroy a death note?

A Death Note is only paper so you burn it.

Did light died in death note?

yeah... light died in death note...

How long did light yagami have the death note?

How he had the Death Note was because he found it.

Where to download death note movie?

You can downoad Death Note,Death Note 2:The last name and L Change The World at UTorrent or Limewire

Who is best to act as-L from Death Note or Near from Death Note?

Near from death note because he actually won the battle in the end

Where can you watch Death Note Another Note?

Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angelas BB Murder Cases is not something that you can watch. It is a spin-off novel from the original Death Note series by nisosin.

Where can you find a Death Note Directors Cut dubbed?

in death note we can find the note will write the paper is really

Is death note anti Christian?

yes, it is, Death note, it's from satan, he's trieng to get you. please stay away from death note, god forgives, he always does, but thinking the death note is good is wrong for ANYChristian.