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How do you get a device recognized on a computer?


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Use the wire cable to connect with it if you have a USB port in your computer.

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Any USB Device, or firewire device such as digital cameras, memory sticks, USB mice, USB keyboards etc...

Each device can be identified by its IP address (assigned for the network and can be subnetted) and its MAC - which is a device identifier supposedly unique to the device.

Why computer is a powerful device

computer is a electronic device

A computer is an output device.

You can install programs on a memory stick by inserting the stick into a USB port on your computer, waiting while the device is recognized by your computer. Once recognized, you can locate the drive and double click to open it. Locate the program on the stick that you want to install on your computer, right click it and choose Run.

It may not be connected properly, it may not have been installed properly or you may not have the proper "driver" for it.

main processing device on a computer

A device which connects to the computer is called a "peripheral."

Define the output device in computer?

computer is a machine. RAM and Harddisk are device.

Yes, a computer is considered to be an electronic device.

One way to delete them is connect your nook to the computer. It will be recognized as a external device (quite like a pen-drive). Then, you can access the internal storage of the device. You can delete the specific book from the books folder in the device memory.

An output device is a computer device which receives the signal from the Micro Processors & gives the result to computer user. Computer Printer, Monitor and Speaker are examples of output device.

You can any device to a computer.just the device should have connectivity option to a computer and you conputer should have drivers installed,many times drivers are installed in the computer device only.

the computer network is the communicate with one device into another device it's called the computer network.

Indeed, the computer mouse is an input device in the peripheral device category of computer products.

It could be that your computer is referring to itself when it says "this device."

A type of device that a computer sends information to.

a computer is a helpful device because you can gather a lot of information from it.

a peripheral device uses this to attach to a computer

A computer keyboard is an INPUT device not an OUTPUT device.

A computer is defined as an electronic device that is designed to accept data.

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