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How do you get a girl attracted to you?

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Time your collisions - They're absolutely crucial in getting chanced encounters with the girl you're interested in.

Use facebook to your advantage - Do your research on her likes and dislikes through facebook. See what movies, songs, books and animals she likes. After which, you check if there are any colliding interests between the two of you.

Be charismatic with your approach - Learn how to be more charismatic in approaching a women. It's never easy, but there are ways to learn how to converse better, prolong a conversation and to be more charismatic on the whole.

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If you are a girl and attracted to girls are you gay?

your a lesbian if your a girl and attracted to girls

Who are Virgo girl attracted to?

She attracted to Scorpio !!!!

How can a girl be a attracted to man?

A girl can be attracted to a guy in just about any way possible. There is no limit to the ways 2 people can be attracted.

Is it bad to make out with a girl but not be attracted to her?

If the girl does not know that you are not attracted to her, it is bad to make out with the girl. You could end up hurting her feelings if she is attracted to you and thinks that you feel the same.

What do you call a girl whose attracted to another girl?


What is it called if you are a girl and attracted to another girl?

Lesbian or homosexual.

If girl is attracted to girl then what happens?

Then they will date and that's all.

How do you know if a girl is sexually attracted to you?

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How do you know whether a girl is attracted to you?

When a girl starts flirting with you, she's attracted to you. To find out the signs of flirting, look it up on Wikipedia.

When a girl called lesbian?

If a girl is not [sexually/physically] attracted to guys, but she is [sexually/physically] attracted to other girls, she's a lesbian.

What you ask from girl for attract?

do you mean to get her attracted to you well that depends on the girl

Will a girl be attracted to you if you have six pack?

Not neccessarily. It depends on the girl and what she likes.

Are lizards really attracted to women?

only if its a boy lizard. The girl lizards are attracted to men.

How do you now your lesbian?

If you are girl who is not [sexually] attracted to guys, but you are [sexually] attracted to girls, then you're a lesbian.

Are girls attracted to men?

Young girls are definitely attracted to older men but it is completely wrong for an older man to be attracted to a young girl.

How do you attract a girl that doesn't like you?

The girl will not be attracted to you if she doesn't like you. Sorry.

What do you do when you are attracted to a girl but the girl is attracted to your friend?

If you know she likes your friend more then you, it's too bad but you should probably move on to someone better who is crushing on you!

Am a girl that's looking for another girl?

If you feel attracted to only girls and find that you are no longer interested in men than you are a lesbien. If you feel attracted to men and woman that you are bisexual. If you are attracted to only men than you are straight.

Is it all right if your are attracted to the blue girl in avatar?

Yeah. Im attracted to a cartoon character lol.

What did the girl magnet say to the boy magnet?

Are you attracted to me?

What deos shawty mean?

A girl to whom you are attracted.

How do you know that a girl is sexually attracted to you?

Ask her x)

Can you tell when guys are gay and if they are attracted to you?

when they ask a girl out

What does it mean a girl says he is so cute?

She is attracted.

How do you tell whether or not you are gay?

Well if you are a boy and are attracted to a boy then you are gay if you are also attracted to a girl you are probably bi which means that you like both genders. Same for if you are a girl.