How do you get a girl that's not your girlfriend to make out with you?


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You break up with your girlfriend and stop trying to be a cheater. Kay?

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Firstly, You don't MAKE a girl be your girlfriend.. she will choose to be it. Secondly, You just ask her out.

Well if he has a girlfriend and if you are a girl beat up his girlfriend and if you are a guy and you like his girl make out with her.

Diggy Simmons Really did kiss that girl and thats his ew girlfriend

To make your girlfriend a belching girl, you will first have to see if she can belch. If she can, then let her know that she can belch around you.

To make her his girlfriend

a little. I had a gf. she left me for a girl. well thats her. many girls are different

Show her. Thats the only way she can find out.

probably because he liked this girl and didn't know how to tell you and just did it. Thats not ok bro. Not ok. Thats actually so wrong and you should tell him how you feel. Bro

Go out with another girl in front of her.

It will not make your girl friend happy.

be nice to her compliment her talk to her make her laugh

just go to them and ask them out.

just hangout with a other girl tell her some jokes make her laugh and the the girl who don't like you about it that i got my first girlfriend

He is messed up... or he is a jerk either way, for saying he loves you and has a girlfriend... Make him break up with his girlfriend first... tell me how this works out No. tell his girlfriend what he has said. don't tell him to break up with his girlfriend, thats wrong

it is tall for an girl . No thats not tall for a girl I´m 5´9 so no thats not tall

flirt with her and make you realize what a great and nice person you are...LOL

Answersomeone who doesent care how much money you have...someone who has no interest in anything else but who you are. a good girlfriend is the girl that doesent want anything but your love, attention, commitment. all she will want is to hug and kiss you and try her best to always keep you happy. a good girlfriend will want to spend every second of her life with you, the girl that misses you like crazy the minute you leave her. the one that makes you constantly happy...thats more than a good girlfriend...thats a perfect one. i have one:)

do something thats rare. like for me my girlfriend lived way out of town and i never had gas money to see her, so to make her happy i would randomly show up, do something like that, something that she would like to happen but never does

Well talk to her, compliment her...get to know her friends.

You can't make a girl jealous only when you know the girl likes the guy. If you know that the girl likes the guy but already has a girlfriend, then spend more time with the girlfriend that the guy already has and then laugh alot areound her and if the girl you're trying to get jealous treat her like a friend but ignore her, but not too harsh!

well you have to become friends first! but you have to atleast be pretty to him. but he want a nice girl thats SUPER mindless and has a great smile . and he said that he would like a girl with dimples but i think he would go for a girl without them if he likes her.

This is coming from a girl: First off make sure she likes you. Then flirt. Then flirt more. Then just a little more until you are sure you have her "in the bag" then ask her out!! after a couple dates maybe a kiss, she will be your girlfriend. GOODLUCK

He said he didn't want to have a girlfriend who was German, so there's a big change he wants a girl who's Spanish, English, Dutch, French or American or something.Thats what he said.

we don't know because that is his life and thats up to him and it had nothing to do with no one else apart from himself and the girl obviously.

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