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How do you get a girl to flirt with you?


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You flirt with a girl like you would flirt with a guy.

to flirt with a girl, there are many ways to flirt. You could wink or wave at her when she stares at you. Every time you talk to this girl ,make sure you are not nervous. You could also google for a whole list of ways to flirt.

To flirt with a girl strike a rapport by looking straight into her eyes and talk about things that will excite her.

NO. If a girl likes you she will flirt. Seeing as most girls flirt with anyone it means she just takes you as a friend. SORRY!

Hey, I'm a girl and it depends on what she said. As in flirt 'back'. Leave her wanting more :).

Ask her out and flirt with her

if a girl knows you like her, chances are she will flirt back. if she doesnt flirt back...move on, she isn't interested!

flirt, say a good comment, flirt some more, and then ask

if its a girl she will flirt and if you are a girl he will hit on u

Flirt flirt flirt and tell her all the stuff she wants to hear ie. she looked very pretty today

Be really nice, smile and flirt.

it depends on their personality

To flirt with a pretty girl you got think about what she would want to talk about, but don't go to overborde and start hiting on her hope it works

A guy will not continue to flirt with a girl if they don't like the girl. They're just being nice.

You look at her, smile at her, flirt with her...etc

you flirt with her and be really nice to her and just be there for her

there's no good in Flirting..

flirt with a new girl. (if you are desperate)

To make her his girlfriend

You can flirt with anyone you like. But flirting with someone who doesn't like you is unlikely to change their opinion of you.

Flirting is flirting you do it the same way as for a guy.

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