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As children enter puberty they also develop an interest in the opposite sex. Relationships under the age of 13 can get very complicated and confusing. This category is for questions related to preteen relationships and dating under the age of 13.

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Can a 17 year old girl kiss a 15 year old boy?

These are some opinions of other contributers: If you realy like them, then yes. Kissing is a big way of showing your love for someone, so be sure that it is soneone good. Yes, why not? It's your choice. I don't think two years should make a difference, there is a couple like that in my school and they kiss all the time. Age is but a number - it's all about the maturity. My girl friend is 17 and I am 16. We...
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How can you tell if your boyfriend is not the one?

Simple...when you are not happy with him. He doesn't have to be doing anything "wrong"! We all have our definition of happiness and different expectation. If you feel he is not contributing to your happiness, then you have to ask yourself the purpose of your relationship. If you felt he was the one, you probably wont be asking this question! You would feel it in your heart. If you're posing a question in relation to your personally experiencing then I would say you...
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Should a girl in gr11 flash a guy she likes who is also in gr11 and you want to flash your breasts at him should you?

Flashing your breasts at him will not make you look good at all. You will come across in a slutty way and you do not want that kind of reputation. ...
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Are there emo boys in Minnesota?

Minnesota's a big place. There are emos everywhere.
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How do you know if your brothers friend 'likes' you?

First off, is he coming to hang out with YOU or your brother, his friend? If he talks to you more, or hangs out with you more than your brother, it's veryyy likely. However, if it's the opposite and he kinda ignores you, probably not. Try to talk to him. His actions will tell you.. If he seems to give you mere answers and barely talks, probably not. If he seems willing to hold a convo you may have a chance. ...
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What does it love you lot mean when my boyfriend says that?

It means that he truly cares about you and would do anything to have you all to himself. It's a BIG DEAL! He wants you to be "his girl" so don't think its nothing when he says that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just remember , also, that boys are going through puberty at this age. He might say he loves you with all of his heart but do not become so vulnerable and used to hearing that constantly. We never know what might happen. Take it...
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What does it mean when a guy put his arm around your shoulders?

You said something funny. You like something he thought no one else liked but him. He likes/loves you. He thinks you're a cozy friend. He is practicing his wrestling moves and is putting you in a headlock. (usually pretty unlikely.) MY VERSION! Okay, it means that he's doing 'the move' and he loves you. He'll usually yawn (OBVIOUSLY FAKE!) and then stretch and put his arm around you. They usually sitting or watching a movie to pretend that they don't even notice. ciao for now! ...
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Why would a guy give up the girl he likes?

Maybe he found someone he likes more, or maybe he REALLY likes more than one person and he's taking a break from one to see if he likes the other one, and then after he gets to konw both girls, then he will make his decision. If your boyfriend dumps you for no reason, then think about it this way, your one broken heart closer to your true love! ...
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How do shy girls act when they are away from their crush?

I'm only shy around people I don't know, or attractive guys. (my crush) They act normally, shy people do talk, maybe it's at home, or with a really good friend. ...
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Should a freshman girl date a seventh grade boy?

As long as you two feel comfortable about that, then it's okay. Age shouldn't be an issue as long as you don't break any laws. For some, it might be hard to trust one another since you're in different schools and can't always watch one another. However, if you both believe you're mature and loyal, go for it! Middle school kids versus high school kids have very different mentalities. In middle school, kids change boyfriends and girlfriends like they change their Facebook...
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What does it mean if he wants your picture?

He wants to see what you look like. If he asks for a normal picture, he's curious to see what your face looks like. Most likely to see if you're pretty or not, and if he wants to mess with you or try to get to know you. If he wants a picture of your body, he wants to know if you're hot and if he wants to try to get you... you know. Either way, he wants to get...
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How do you stop obsessing over a woman?

Meet other women. Don't try to replace one obsession with another, just meet people and go on a lot of dates with different women having no expectations for a long term relationship. ...
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Why do guys glance at pretty girls a lot?

I'm a guy and I'm not sure. They just look good. I think it's called visual pleasure or something like that. Well I look at my crush a lot and it makes me feel a little happier... It's hard to explain. kevin's answer: its often just to watch there crush or GF to make sure there not cheating with another person, also if you look and they look down then you can walk over and try to cheer them up ...
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Do 12 year old girls like boys?

well i thinka 12 year old girl sees some kind of love in a boy. maybe the kind of love she doesnt get at home. or maybe shes trying to get another girl that she doesnt like jealous of her. but most girls just think of boys as some kind of toy. -Im 13 and when i was 12 i had lots of crushes on boys so ya i think the majority of girls at 12 do :D im 12 and...
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How do you get a hot girlfriend at 9?

A lot of parents don't let their 9 year old sons date. Supposing that this 9 year old is looking for girls his age, it's difficult for anyone to answer this question unless they are 9 year olds themselves. It's impossible to classify a 9 year old girl as "hot", if it was "cute" instead of hot, it would be easier. Tips: 1. Respect the girl- Every girl deserves the most delicate respect. 2. Start with friendship- Don't jump straight to dating, get...
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How do you ask a girl out in 7th grade?

Answer 1 Well.. In 7th grade you don't really want to be dating. I know that hormones are hard and they make you really want to have boyfriends/girlfriends, but 7th grade dating is something I wouldn't recommend. It's hard at that time because the boys are just starting to mature and the girls are trying to act really mature so it seems like the guys and girls are from different planets. Ok. Well I know that you probably didn't want to hear all...
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How do you get rid of your mom's boyfriend?

Technically you can't. I suspect that you are the type of person who believes that you have only one father and that your mother is not allowed to move on, or date someone else other that your biological father. classic. Anyhow, there are a few things you can do. You can try to persuade your mom to stop dating him(you have to have a good reason, like he's a druggie or something but GENUINE, no lies, she won't appreciate it). Or cause...
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What are some flirting words to flirt with a guy?

Simple, if u are hot enough you don't need words to flirt with guys. Just wear small outfits, and smile when looking at the guy. consider your job is done. ...
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How do shy girls act around their friends?

They don't talk much, or even at all. They don't really do the things there friends do. Just sit there, to be there. *From personal experience as well as observation, many shy girls are more comfortable around their friends, and so they can be themselves. Many will become just as bubbly as a non-shy girl because they don't feel nervous or self-conscious. Of course, some still have difficulty finding interesting topics of conversation in large groups, or have a tough time jumping...
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What do Indian Guys like in a Mexican girl?

As an Indian boy i feel the same as i would a white, black, asian, latina, native american, middle eastern, indian, aboriginal, or jewish girl ; They're all girls with something different about each one within a person. But here are some attributes to mexican girls that I like, and probably most any other boy- as a male- can say.. Their skin is beautiful Their hair is beautiful Their ACCENTS are so sexy What's not to like? ...
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How far back does your tongue go?

depends on the person!
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How can you tell if someone is insecure?

Their eyes dart back and forth, they are quick to object to ideas people they don't really know say, make pointless accusations and act stupid, sometimes making themselves really annoying to be 'accepted' sometimes they won't look people in the eye, or they won't have that many friends; or they'll talk so much and try to fit in with different people (hopelessly) and only make themselves even more annoying and very much unwanted. ...
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How do you flirt with a really awkward guy?

awkward or shy? I was very suprised when girls told me I'm not awkward even though I am very shy, so if its shy I can help :D ...
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How can you stay cool around the guy you like?

Well what I do to stay cool around the guy I like is basically act like you don't like him just chat to him if you are near him dont be to enthusiast about it otherwise you will scare him off try to avoid his friends if you are talking to him because a guys mates can always tell when a girl likes his mate so when they notice they will make really embarrassing comments about you liking him if...