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How do you get a girl to go out with you that does not like you?

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2007-08-24 06:04:10

First, I think that you need to figure out, does she really not

like you, or have you been annoying/teasing because you are

uncomfortable or shy about relating to a girl who you are

interested in? If this is the case, you need to start having normal

conversations with her. If this is not the case, but instead she

may not be attracted to you or think that you are not her type,

perhaps you can casually suggest an activity/ date which would

appeal to her and tell her that she will have fun, and convince her

that it is casual and no big deal by your manner. My daughter is 6

months into a relationship in which the guy approached her like

that, casually suggesting that he was going to take her out and she

would have fun. No big deal. If after that date, there is not a

stronger connection, you should really move on, and go to "where

the love is." You deserve to be with someone who is crazy about


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