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First, I think that you need to figure out, does she really not like you, or have you been annoying/teasing because you are uncomfortable or shy about relating to a girl who you are interested in? If this is the case, you need to start having normal conversations with her. If this is not the case, but instead she may not be attracted to you or think that you are not her type, perhaps you can casually suggest an activity/ date which would appeal to her and tell her that she will have fun, and convince her that it is casual and no big deal by your manner. My daughter is 6 months into a relationship in which the guy approached her like that, casually suggesting that he was going to take her out and she would have fun. No big deal. If after that date, there is not a stronger connection, you should really move on, and go to "where the love is." You deserve to be with someone who is crazy about you.

2007-08-24 06:04:10
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Should you go with the girl you like or the girl you love?


Why do boys like to go to the park?

Boys like to go to the park when there bored or there is a girl there if there is a girl there boys will try to stay close meaning he likes the girl

What do you say to a girl you like?

"I like you. Can we go out for a burger?"

What do you do if a girl hits on you?

If you like her, go for it.

How can you say to a girl that you like her?

Go for it!

Would Justin Bieber go out with a girl who can sing like him?

yes he would go for it girl

How To Get A Girl To Really Like You?

if u like a girl go to the girl and tell her u like her, never try to make a girl like u because that relationship wont work out

You think that this girl likes you but you like another girl what should you do?

keep it real if you dont like the first girl then just go wit tha girl you like

Should you go for the girl?

If that girl makes you feel live heaven . That girl gives you goosebumps. That girl makes you feel like damn this is it then go for her.

How do you get a girl to like you if she just wants to be friends?

go for another girl.

How do you get a girl to like you if you like them but they dont like you?

how do you get kensley vickers to go out with you

What do you do if you like one girl but a different girl likes you and its not the one you like?

Go out with the girl that likes you. There's no telling if the other girl that you like like's you too.I disagree. Trust your feelings. If you don't like a girl why go out with her? If you really like this girl then go for it.That depends on how much you really feel for the girl you like or whether you only have a little crush, and also on how much you like the other girl that likes you. I didn't have the slightest idea my now girlfriend had a crush on me and I myself had a crush on a different girl, so I was in this situation too. When I realised what was with her, I decided to go with her and forget about the girl I had liked for some time now, and it turns out my decision was right ;)If you don't like a girl don't go out with her. When she finds out she'll just get mad at you. Trust me, my ex bf did that, oooo i hate him now!

Do diggy go with the girl off of shake it up?

no he go with a girl name samia

How could a girl like you?

Be yourself. You can't force a girl to like you. You can't get every girl you go after just keep that in mind.

How can you tell if a girl that is a friend is in love with her?

you like the girl directly go to say the girli love you

What do you do if a girl ask you out?

Well, if you like her you go out with her.

What do you do if the girl you used to like that didnt like you likes you now and theres a girl that you also like and you think she likes you too?

go for the girl you like the most and ask her out man

Is it good for a girl to ask a boy to go out with her?

sure if u really like him u should go for it girl! ;)

How someone can get girl friend?

Ask a girl out. Go to a dating website. Be friends with a lonely girl and get her to like you.

How do you get th girl you like?

ask her to go out and tell her that u like her .

Can sixth grade boys date ninth grade girls?

To me it really doesn't matter if that girl like you and you like her then go for it but it unusual for a 6th grade boy go for a 9th grade girl but like i said go for it

How can a girl get a boyfriend?

Go up to a guy that you like and say hey I like you will you go out with me? Good Luck!

You go out with this girl and you like her and that but there is this other girl that you like even more and you flirt all the time what should you do?

чou should tell the girl чou like her && taake it from there:) x

How can you get a girl to go out with you if she does not like you?

you ask her if she says no you make her jelous by dating anthor girl

How do you tell a girl you really like that you like her?

Go up to her and say "i really like yoU"