How do you get a Glaceon in Pokemon Pearl or diamond?

To get a Glaceon on Pokemon Pearl (or Pokemon Diamond), you must first get an Eevee either from: 1) Bebe (once you have beaten the Pokemon League, go to Hearthome City, go to her house (next to the Pokemon Centre) and talk to her and she'll give you a Level 5 Eevee) 2)Trophy Garden (go through the southern gate at Hearthome City which goes south, find the entrance for the walls which surround it (north of the patch of tall grass), go up through the entrance, through the mansion entrance and exit and then go up the stairs where there is a large patch of tall grass)
NOTE: Eevee's habitat in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl is ONLY at Trophy Garden but as well as that, it is still quite rare. Once you have got Eevee, go to Route 217 (the snowy route). Look for a house where it looks like it has a backyard which has tall grass and there is also a skier nearby. Surrounded by the tall grass is a rock. This is known as the Ice Rock. Train Eevee by battling any Wild Pokemon found around the rock. Once it is leveled up, it will eveolve into Glaceon. NOTE: This is the same procedure in which Eevee evolves into Leafeon but instead at evolving Eevee at the Ice Rock to evolve it into Leafeon, you must level it up at Moss Rock which is in Eterna Forest.