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How do you get a guy to ask you to homecoming?

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Let him know you're interested in him asking you out.

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Is it weird to ask an older guy to Homecoming?


Girl asking guy to homecoming?

sure whats the problem, jealous a girl has more guts to ask a guy, then a guy does to ask a girl. it`s ok, it`s homecoming.

How do you get a guy to ask you to go to homecoming with you?

Just be cool and wait for him to come to you.

How do you ask a 13 year old guy to homecoming?

Say, "Hey boy, you gotta Kik?"If the answer is yes, text "You. Me. Homecoming."Wait for him to reply.

Is it a big deal if a guy asks you to homecoming?

it is to most guys that ask you girlz but see i can understand that i am also in a weird situation that has to do with homecoming stuff. but it sorta is

How do you get asked to homecoming by a guy who you like but you are unsure if he likes you?

You have to tell him that you like him, and if he does like you he will ask you to the dance. Chances are that if he does like you and knows that you like him, he will ask you.

If the guy you like might like you and he invites to homecoming what can you do?

If the guy you like invites you to homecoming, you should go with him.

Is this a good way to ask a girl to homecoming put a mirror in her locker and on the back put flip me this over and see a beautifil girl who id be honered to take to homecoming and put my name on it?


If the guy you like might like you and he invites his girlfriend to homecoming what can you do?

If he invites his girlfriend to homecoming, you should probably your own date to homecoming.

My Guy friend is scared to ask the girl that he likes to homecoming he really likes her my guy friend said that her BFF said that she just wants to go with her friends but i told him to ask her anyway?

Ask her anyway and the worse thing she can say will be no but even if she says no then you won't have to wonder.

How do you know if the guy who likes you is going to ask you out to homecoming?

if he talks to u and tells u about him, and asks wat ur gonna where that's a sign!!

Do you have to like someone in order to ask them to homecoming?

no, people go to homecoming as friends all the time

You asked a guy to homecoming and he said no?

You have to take a deep breath and get over it. It's hard when someone says no to you, but staying upset about it or getting angry isn't go to do anything.Move on with your life and ask someone else to homecoming. Good luck!

How do you get a girl that you can take to homecoming?

Yes, you can get a girl to go to homecoming with you. You will need to find the girl you want to take and ask her out.

How do you hint to a guy to ask you to homecoming in a romantical way?

Tell him a story about a friend or a girl you heard that got asked in a really romantic way then say " isn't that so cool i would love to have a guy ask me a romantic way like that" then smile at him....hope this helps

Is it mean to say no to a guy for homecoming?

It is always appropriate to say no to a guy if you don't want to go with him. Just don't say it in a mean way. Be aware that for many guys it takes a great deal of courage to ask someone out.

What are boutonnieres?

the flower you give the guy to put in his jacket at homecoming or prom

Romantic ways to ask a girl to homecoming?

Ask her out in front of the whole lunch room, buy her flowers and write inside the card will you go to homecoming with me, or you can just tell her how you feel and ask her, or if your too scared for any of that tell a freind to ask her for u or write a note.

If asked to homecoming by a guy who is shorter obviously can't wear heels so what shoes should be worn to go with a nice homecoming dress?

Fancy flats.

What is the best way to ask a girl to homecoming at school?

Grow a pair and walk up and ask her. In example: Steve: Hey, Betty, would you like to go to Homecoming with me? Betty : Sure, Steve, I'd love to.

Who do you ask out a goth guy?

Ask a goth guy the way you would ask a non - goth guy.

What is a creative way to ask your boyfriend to your homecoming dance and football game?

Hey, you wanna go to homecoming with me?If hes your boyfriend, he'll probley say yes

How do you get a guy ask you on a date?

How do you get a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend?

Is it correct to ask a guy out?

its normal for a guy to ask a girl out but a guy can ask a girl out there's no wrong way

How do you get a guy you like to ask you to homecoming?

You don't get him to ask you. It's a really bad idea. Ask him. 98% of guys are going to be very happy that you asked. Just don't do it in front of an audience; wait until there's no-one to hear. That way he won't be tempted to act like a jerk in front of them. Also, it'll be easier for you to ask.