How do you get a guy to date you?

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September 13, 2011 2:13AM

Step 1: Say hi!

maybe he'll probably he'll see you, so you wave. If he doesn't

wave back drop it. If he waves back than later on that week start

to talk to him.

Step 2: Ask him out

when you start to talk to him, one day you can bring up things

he likes to do. When there's nothing else to talk about ask him if

he wants to hang out sometimes. bring up that you and some friends

are going out this week and ask if he wants to join along, since

your lieing when the date gets there, tell him that your friends

had to cancel. i guess it's you to now!

Step 3: If he doesn't catch on...tell him!

Once you guys have been on a couple of dates and still doesnt

ask you out. Tell him you really have a crush on him and is just

wondering if he likes you to. if he likes you great! if not move on

there is plenty of fish in the see.

Step 4: Make out

When or if you got the guy than make a move. On a movie theater

date sit in the back and get little crazy! look at him and if he

looks back, look into his eyes and then his mouth. if he doesn't

lean lean in! Kiss him till your ready for tongue. slowly

stick your tongue in his mouth and swivle your tongue arround his.

If he breaks the kiss then wait till he wants to again.

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