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Try a penis ring.

2006-07-21 17:09:38
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Q: How do you get a harder erection when you do not have a problem getting or sustaining them if you are under 20 years old?
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Does it get harder to get a erection as you get older?

Some Times Yeh

What can you buy over the counter for a harder penis erection?

i have found that ZINC supplements or horney goat weed is good, drink lots of water, less stress and lots of rest and your on your way to a harder erection

What can make a penis harder and bigger?

Increased sexual arousal can increase the strength of your erection.

Is it harder for a fifty year old man to keep an erection?


What does cigarettes do to ur penis?

well when you have an errection there is more blood flow to your penis, smooking can make this harder so it can make it harder to get an erection

Why does ecstasy shrink your penis while on the drug?

it doesnt! ---- Many people say its harder to get an erection when on ecstasy. Also, it is much harder to orgasm. yes it does!

What vitamins can you take to get harder penis erections?

Vitamin E is thought to make a penis get harder very quickly and to prolong the amount of time of the erection.

What to do if my erection stays for less than 1 minute?

try getting a cock ring. this stops some of the blood flow in the penis and will make your penis harder and stay erect for longer hope this helps :)

Is it normal for a 13 year old to get an erection but the erection not go up?

yes the penis should point either forward or up. It depends on how strong the erection is. The more excited and stimulated you are the harder it will get. Not all erections point upwards so it is normal for you.

Can Viagra simply be used to make an existing erection harder?

Doesn't work that way. All Viagra does is allow you to have an erection. You get the same amount of firmness that you would if you didn't need the Viagra.

What is a painful erection that last more than 4 hours?

Just exactly that. An erection that doesn't go down and most likely just gets harder. That gets painful after a while.

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Is it hard to get pregnant when the guy smokes weed?

Same as without. The only reason it might be harder is that he is stoned and he will not get an erection or ejaculate.

If a man has a urine infection can it cause a man to be less harder than before?

Yes, because pain frequently interferes with an erection.

What is the best thing to eat to get harder?

If you mean harder as in muscles, protein and complex carbohydrates usually help build muscle but exercise is the most important. If you mean harder as in an erect penis, there is no food that will help that. General good health is the only thing that can aid in an erection.

Do you have to have ed to take Viagra?

If you don't have ED, taking Viagra can screw with you. It is not going to give you a bigger or harder erection, it will just cause you to have to take it. Your body will need the boost to get an erection. I would hold off taking it until you really need to.

What does Viagra do to men?

Well For most men it will nost likely give them a erection but if you think its going to make it harder or longer there is no difference is the truth.

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You are 13 when you get an 'erection' it doesn't point up like it should it's hardly up at all after about 5 seconds if you leave it it goes back down when will it go harder and point upwards?

Dude your 13. Puberty goes for a long time.

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What term describes when the penis fills with blood and gets longer and harder?

that is an erection, it will occur randomly throughout puberty and probably throughout your life and it will almost always occur when you get sexually excited.

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Can you pee while you have a erection?

NoActually yes you can, it is just much more difficult. See, there is a large vein on the underside of the erect penis where you pee comes out of. The large amount of blood flow in the penis during an erection tightens the vein making it more difficult to urinate. It's especially funny when you have to aim down and you have an erection because it constricts to vein further making it even harder to pee.