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to get a house, you will need a dragon amulet. after you get a dragon amulet, go to falconreach and the option to get a house will be on the screen

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An ID for dragonfable to visit a house?

If you would like to visit someones house, there are a few things you need to do. First of all, you need to be a member on dragonfable. And second, you need a Dragonfable ID of a member with a house. Take me as an example. My ID is 14645210, I'm a member, and I have a house on Dragonfable. Sometimes when you are going to other peoples houses, you may run into an error where is logs you out. If this happens, try again later.

How do i get into doug digg's house on dragonfable?

Doug Digg's house cannot be accessed at all.

Where you can buy zixcy in dragonfable?

I think it was in a house (hope you find it out :] )

Where do you find ice pwnys on DragonFable?

Frostvale: near the papa moglin's house

Where do you go to buy a house on dragonfable?

In Falconreach, at the same area that Twilly is in, there should be an orb that allows you to buy a house.

Where can you train ash's stats in dragonfable?

you can buy Clyde for a house item, or go to a house with a travel gryphon and travel to somewhere

On dragonfable what does the house do?

It doesn't really do anything so don't use your time its a waste.

Where does one find a dragonfable private server?

topofgames.com/dragonfable why is dragonfable in this category?

How do you save your doom knight armor in dragonfable?

You have to get either the armor closet or the orb of savings for your house.

How do you save amours on dragonfable?

You must buy an item for in you're house for I think 20 or 200K

Cheats for dragonfable?

there are no cheats in dragonfable

Were can you find a Dragonfable SWF?

At the dragonfable Website

How do you flee in dragonfable?

You cannot flee in Dragonfable.

Where is kaya city in dragonfable?

Are you sure you're asking for it in Dragonfable? Because there is no Kaya City in Dragonfable.

How do you get cysero's left sock in dragonfable?

In the house items shop. It is in the "Stuff" section and it costs 500 DragonCoins.

How do you get a dragonfable flt?

is runescape better than dragonfable?

How do you get in oalf's party on dragonfable?

How do you get in oafl's party on dragonfable?

What is the secret Behind DragonFable?

There is no secret behind DragonFable.

How do you download dragonfable unlimited?

Dragonfable is not available for download.

Where is the pvp arena in dragonfable?

You play dragonfable?! Hahahahahahaha

How do you change the background for a house in Dragonfable?

When you are outside your house, click 'manage' and there should be a pulsing, large gold hoop at the top left hand corner of your screen. Click that and that is where you equip the locationfor your house.

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