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trade a poliwhirl to the old guy in the house next to the pokemon center in misty's city

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Q: How do you get a jynx LeafGreen?
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Does Jynx evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where do you get Jynx in leafgreen?

the only way you can get a jynx in leafgreen is to trade your poliwhirl with an old man's jynx. you can get that old man in a house beside the pokemon centre of cerlulean city!

Were can you find a jynx in Pokemon LeafGreen?

seafoam islands

Were do you find jynx in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to trade a type of Pokemon with an old man in Cerulean City to get a Jynx.

Where to get a jynx in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Jynx can't be found in the wild. You must trade a Poliwhirl with a person in Cerulean City to get one.

Does jinx in Pokemon LeafGreen evolve?

No, Jynx is already the highest evolution of the baby pokemon Smoochum. It evolves into Jynx at lv. 30.

How do you get a Jynx or Smoochum in Generation V?

To get Smoochum you must breed a Jynx and if you have a Smoochum you must maximize its happiness to evolve it to Jynx. You can migrate a Jynx from Firered or Leafgreen to a Generation IV game like Diamond then use the GTS to trade it to a Generation V game.

Where's Smoochim on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Smoochum (sometimes misspelled as Smoochim) is an ice/psychic type of Pokemon. To get one in LeafGreen, you need to breed a Jynx.

What level does jynx learn ice beam on LeafGreen?

It doesn't you must teach by TM13. Though it does learn Blizzard at Level 67.

Does jynx evolve?

No jynx does not evolve

How do you get a smoochum in emerald?

Get a jynx from Pokemon firered or leafgreen then put it in the daycare with a ditto and wait when you come back you can get an egg and when it hatches its smoochum. You can't catch smoochum you need to breed a jynx with a ditto to get it. Breed two jinx (leave in daycare)

How do you evolve jynx?

jynx doesn't have an evolution

When was Jynx created?

Jynx was created in 1996.

Jynx evolves to what?

To nothing - Jynx doesn't have an evolution. You may be thinking of Smoochum, which evolves into Jynx.

How do you get a smoochum in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Cerulean, there is a old man who wishes to trade a Poliwhirl for a Jynx. After trading, (you will have needed to have beaten the Elite 4 and have gotten the Rainbow pass from Oak) travel to Four Island and breed Jynx with a ditto (route 15 & cerulean cave) and whala. Smoochum.Breed Jynx with Ditto at the four island daycare hatch the egg to get smoochum.

When was Utah Jynx created?

Utah Jynx was created in 2011.

How tall is Jynx Maze?

Jynx Maze is 155 cm.

Does jynx evolve into mr mime?

No, Jynx does not evolve into Mr. Mime. Jynx is not capable of evolving further but it can evolve from Smoochum.

Where do you catch smoochum in Pokemon LeafGreen?

First get jynx. You can get one by trading a poliwhirl for one in cerulean city. Next go to the daycare center on 4 island. put jynx in the daycare with a ditto. Come back later and talk to the man outside the daycare. He will give you a smoochum egg.

Where do you find jynx on emerald?

Jynx cannot be found in Pokémon Emerald.

Does jynx evolve on Pokemon white?

Unfortunitly,you cannot evolve jynx but you can evolve smoochum into jynx by friendship or lv 36 or 30?

How do you evolve smoochum into jynx?

To evolve Smoochum into Jynx, you need it to be at lvl. 35. Once it's at lvl. 35, it will evolve and you will have Jynx! ^^

How do you evolve jynx in diamond?

Jynx does not evolve but it does have a pre-evovlotion nammed smoochum.

Does smoochem evolve into jynx?

Yes. Smoochum evolves into Jynx at Level 30.

Where do you get Jynx in Pokemon FireRed?

by trading a poliwhirl for the jynx from the man in cerulean city