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How do you get a keckleon on Pokemon Diamond?

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migrate from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

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What Pokemon learn thief in Pokemon Diamond?

Keckleon Mightyena and oall the pokemon learn using a TM.

How do you find a keckleon in pokemon diamond?

You can find Kecleon at Route 210 - North by using a PokéRadar.

Pokemon HeartGold how to get keckleon?

You can obtain Keckleon by catching it on your Pokewalker in Treehouse and sending it back to Heart Gold.

What pokemon learns thief on pokemon sapphire?

Keckleon Poocheyana Lombre Mightyena

What wild Pokemon knows thief in Pokemon?

Poocheyana. Mightyena. Lombre. Keckleon.

In Pokemon platinum where do you get a keckleon?

From Great Marsh. You can see it from goggles upstairs. (I've never gettet/seen any Keckleon in game :S)

How do you get kelkeon in Pokemon Diamond?

you can keckeon only find in Pokemon diamond. but where? go to route 210 , that's north from solaceon town. go to the north from route 210. use the poke radar, and there is keckleon. (you can only have the poke radar as you win the leaque.) success!

How do you find a pokemon that has thief on emerald?

Keckleon Lombre Poocheyana Mightyena

What pokemon learns theif by itself?

Mightyena Keckleon Poocheyana Lombre

How do you get thief on pokemon emerald after the event?

Keckleon Lombre Poocheyana Mightyena

What pokemon learns the TM Thief?

Keckleon Poocheyana Mightyena Lombre

Where do you get the silph scope in Pokemon emerald?

steven gives to to you because of a keckleon -_-'

Pokemon pinball how do you catch kecleon?

Catch three other Pokemon in the Ruby course and you will be given a bonus. take the bonus, and it will be keckleon. if you beat the challenge a certain amount of times, you automatically catch keckleon.

Where can you find a pokemon with the move thief or snatch on pokemon emerald?

Keckleon Mightyena Lombre Poocheyana learn the move by themselves!!

What level does Kecleon learn thief in pokemon emerald?

A keckleon in the wild already noes thief.

Where do you catch a keckleon in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Pokewalker Route: Treehouse. You have to get the National Dex first, though.

Should I buy Pokemon Diamond or the sims 2 pets?

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

What is bloking the 6th gym on Pokemon emreald?

A Keckleon is blocking your way. You need a SILPHSCOPE to reveal it's identity.

How do you be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

you cant be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

What pokemon can use TM thief?

Mightyena Keckleon Poocheyana Lombre learn thief upon leveling..and All the pokemon can learn thief using the TM

How do you find kecklon on pmd 2?

To recruit Keckleon, you have to shoplift from a Keckleon store in a dungeon ( if you have it, Star cave is perfect, there are lots of stores there.) and then beat up the Keckleon that come after you. But those things pack a punch: they know Slash and Shadow Sneak and Fury Swipes and are at least lvl 100! They can take down even the best Pokemon like Mewtwo.

Pokemon star or Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon diamond

What pokemon can learn thief without tms?

Mightyena Poocheyana Keckleon Lombre Alakazam, Gengar Kadabra sneasel sandslash

How do you open the 5th gym in Pokemon sapphire?

you have to find steven get a Devon scope and use it on the invisible keckleon in front of the gym

Where is may in Pokemon Diamond?

She is not in Pokemon diamond.

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