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How do you get a krawk on Neopets?

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To obtain a Krawk you must get a Krawk petpet (can be bought from the trading post), attach it your active pet, give it a unique name that no other neopet has and tae it to the fungus caves.

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How old does your account have to be before you adopt a krawk on neopets?

You have to wait till Krawk Day

What petpets can turn into Neopets?

if you take a krawk petpet with a name no neopet has to the fungas cave you will get a krawk neopet

How do you get a krawk?

1) Make sure you do not have 4 neopets2) Attach a Krawk petpet to one of your neopets.3) Go to your pet status page and click on your Krawk petpet.4) Once there, name it.5) Go to HERE

What is the easiest way to get a krawk in Neopets?

The easiest way is to wait for Krawk Day (April 16th). Then you can get a Krawk like you would get a common Neopet. Otherwise, you'd have to use a Krawk Morphing/Transmogrification Potion and those get extremely pricey.

Where is the moss cave on Neopets?

In Krawk island right next the smuggler's cove.

On Neopets where do you a krawk petpet?

Well, you can may-be find one in the trading post or something like that If you're lucky enough, and you have the money because Krawk petpets are reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally expensive

On neopets Where do you Buy a Magical Krawk Plushie and all other magical plushies?

There is no such thing as a magical krawk plushie but you can find other magical plushies on the trading post or on auctions. If you want a krawk search up krawk on the trading post/auctions. They all cost 1-11 million so save up and good luck!

How can you get a krawk on Neopets?

If you're lucky, you might find one in the pound, but the GUP's goal is to adopt rare pets, turn them into green unis, and put them back, so they might get the krawks before you do. Another way to get a krawk is to buy a krawk petpet, then take it to the fungus caves. A morphing potion or a lucky zap might also get you a krawk.

Where is the school in Neopets?

it use to be in neopia central but they no longer have a school :( there is also a school in Krawk island and Mystery Island.

Which Neopets are rare?

There are Limited Editon neopets - Jetsam, Poogle, Kiko, Tonu, Chomby and Cybunny. There are also two special pets. The Draik and the Krawk are created though items which are worth tens of millions of np and are therefore the rarest neopets.

Where are the three snow melt popsicles on neopets?

one is at Lost Desert one is at Krawk Island one is on the altador cup standings page

How do you get dubloon coins on Neopets?

Random events, buying it from neopians' stores, and then you can spend them on krawk island, where most of the shops require dubloons for payment.

How do you level up you Neopet in neopets?

Try going to they Mystery Island Training School or Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy in Krawk Island

Who inhabits krawk island on Neopets?

Krawk island's native species are the Krawk, a crocodile-like species of neopet. Krawks were origanally tyraniann petpets. They eventualy made their way to Krawk island, and found a fungus cave. When they ate the fungus, they turned into fully-grown krawks. If you'd also like to know if the petpet krawk is still a petpet you can buy, it is. It is very rare and expensive. Your best chance of finding one would probably be in the Auction house. You also can't turn petpet krawks into neopet krawks anymore in the fungus caves. The best chance of getting a full-grown krawk would be on April 16th when you can create a krawk or at the neopian pound.

How do you increase the level of your pet in Neopets?

Visit the training schools at Mystery Island or Krawk Island (: You'll need codestones for the former and dubloons for the latter, though.

Where do you get dubloon coins on Neopets?

Dubloon coins can be won randomly at Coltzan's Shrine in the Lost Desert, Anchor Management on Krawk Island, and Buried Treasure on Krawk Island. You can also buy Dubloons from other players through the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, or Auction House.

How do you increase you neopets level on neopets?

Faerie Quests Lab Ray Training Dubloon Training - Krawk Island's Swashbuckling Academy Codestone Training - Mystery Island Training School Secret Ninja Training School Stat Increaser Training

What are all limited edition Neopets?

A) Chomby B) Cybunny C) Draik D) Grundo E) Hissi F) Jetsam G) Kiko H) Koi I) Krawk J) Lutari K) Poogle L) Tonu Technically Krawk, Lutari, and Draik are special pets, but they are hard to get none the less :)

On neopets how often does the magic shop in neopia central restock with a draik or krawk morphing potion and how much are they?

The Magic shop restocks anywhere between 2 and 20 minutes with random morphing potions. I have seen a couple of draik and krawk mps. I would say several times a day. The draik potions sell for around 160k np, but you have to be fast.

What is the cheapest gourmet food on Neopets?

these are all under 1k AND are gourmet food on neopets :Evil BlancmangeDark Chocolate Covered ToffeeFlotatoGhost MarshmallowsHaunted MilkHealthy Grass Hot DogHidden Treasure PastaJelly Bean Pirate ChestOrange Krawk CakePrickly Merato and Screlon SaladPuntec FruitPyramid Potato SkinsRed OctopepperSeaweed Krawk CakeThornataUltranova Sponge CakeWicker Fruit Cornucopia

Where are the fungus caves on Neopets?

go to 'krawk island' and click on the smaller cave with green fungus coming out of it next to the larger cave by the sign 'smuggler's cove'. or just go here:

How do you train Neopets?

If you go to the mystery island training school you can raise stats with codestones. If you go to the academy on krawk island you can train with dubloons. Sometimes if you go to Coltzan's Shrine he will raise your stats or give you dubloons to train at the academy.

How do you get a krawk petpet?

you buy it from the trading post. they are expensive!

Which petpets hail from krawk island?

Go there to find out.

Where do you get a krawk morphing potion cheap?

Usually the auctions, or the trades.

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