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How do you get a large pimple to go away fast?

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you have to pop the pimple

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How do you make the redness in a pimple go away fast?

There are many ways one can make the redness of a pimple go away fast. A few ways are to put ice on the pimple, use eye drops on the pimple, and put a dab of toothpaste on the pimple.

What do i do if a pimple doesnt go away?

Pimple will disappear naturally, you don't need to do anything.

How do you get rid of a large ingrown pimple?

i don't no, dose anyone know because i have a huge ingrown pimple on my chin and i need it to go away before tomorrow dose anyone know?

How does one make a big pimple go away?

In order to make a big pimple go away there are many different home remedies. One of the most important things is to not put pressure on the pimple and leave it alone.

How do you make a pimple go away?

You can use soap it helps for me.

What happens if you pop a pimple on your penis?

It'll scab, heal and go away like a normal pimple. :D

What could cause a Small pimple that doesnt go away at outside corner of eyelids?

It's probably a sty that is harmless. Think of it as a pimple that will go away with some time. Typically mine are white/skin colored.

Will a pimple on your buttocks go away?

Pimples are caused by bacterial infection and there is a good chance it will go away if treated with antibiotics or bursts to clean the away the pus

How can you tell if it is a genital wart or if its a pimple?

A pimple will go away within four weeks. A genital wart will last longer. A genital wart will not have a white head, while a pimple may or may not.

How do you get a small pimple less noticeable?

You could cover it with concealer and/or foundation, or try using a face mask to make the pimple go away faster

What makes big pimple go away fast?

smother it with goose fat.. then get some dustbin juice and rub since over your face and voila a nice smooth babies bottom

How do i make my pimple go away overnight without popping it?

Put a bullet through it. You'll make it go away. In the process you might go away as well. All the best!

Pimple that keeps oozing and will not go away?

Answer If you keep popping the pimple and not letting it heal it might just be cleaning itself. Or If you do not keep your face clean then it is infected.

How long will it take for a pimple to go away if you put toothpaste on it?

Toothpaste will not help your pimple. Washing your face with soap and water and using a facial cream on it will clear it up. A pimple is a clogged pore of dirt and oil.

Is this true if you put Tobe past on a pimple will it go away?

I'm not sure what Tobe past is, but putting toothpaste on a pimple will reduce the size and redness of the pimple. Gel toothpaste WILL NOT work, it must be the regular toothpaste.

How do you get rid of the pimple on your face?

Use the Proactive Refining Mask or other Proactive skin care products, which is the best kind of skin care product to get rid of a zit (pimple) as fast as you can. Put a little dab on your finger, then rub it over the pimple just before you go to bed, and keep doing that every night until it goes away.

Does putting ice on a pimple make it less red?

it makes it swell and go away faster.

Is it normal to have a pimple on your lip and it be swollen?

Sometimes it is normal. If after a week it does not go away, get it checked out by a doctor.

Why it was dangerous to squeeze pimple and boil?

If you squeeze a pimple with a head it will bleed, but that's ok because it is going to go away.If you squeeze a pimple without a head, you will make it worse for your skin. I'm not sure about boils though.

How long does it take for a pimple in your pubic area to go away?

As long as it is not infected and you get the in grown hair or grease plug out of the poor that was causing the pimple two or three days.

What are the white pimple inside your mouth on your bottom lip?

It's Not a pimple its a Kanker Sore, Use Salt And water in a cup as mouth wash for a few days and it will go away!

Why won't a pimple heal?

then its not a pimple. you need to go to the doctors.

How do you make a pimple go away over night?

Ever heard of proactiv or clean and clear? Oh man.

Will any girl like a guy if he has a medium-size temporary pimple on his cheek?

Okay...first of all it is just a pimple...it will go away eventually. And if a girl doesnt like you because of a pimple than you are too good for them anyways. Nobody is perfect!

How do you avoid cutting pimples while shaving?

Try to get rid of the pimple, by using a face mask or face wash. Honey works well too. But if the pimple does not go away, you just have to shave around it.

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