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Try eating a hard fruit like an apple. Take a big bite and if your tooth is really loose, your tooth should come out. Plums and other hard fruit are good two.

it does not work like that (bulliegirl)

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if you have tootsie rolls eat one and your tooth will stick to the tootsie roll

If you want to pull out a tooth that is really loose just PULL on it lightly and suck on it at the same time, that's how I pulled out all 9 of my teeth.

wiggle it. Is There Any Other Way To Take A Loose Tooth Out

I did not experience any pain after getting a tooth pulled.

try puting ice on it to numb it then just wiggle and twist the tooth until u break all the gum then put the ice again tie a string to the tooth and let somebody pull it the faster less pain! it took me 2 days...

no you can loose your tooth anytime any way the tooth fairy is just your mom and dad

Just get it out like you do you with any other tooth, yank it out or tie a piece of string on it and attatch the other end of it to a open door and then let someone slam it and kaboom! You're loose tooth is now on the floor ( maybe ).

Loose Baby TeethA loose "baby tooth" will normally come out on its own through normal chewing. Occasionally they are swallowed, but that is harmless. If the tooth has not fallen out by the time the permanent tooth erupts, it may need to be removed by the dentist.Loose Permanent TeethThere are two usual possibilities: your tooth is fractured, or you are suffering from gum disease that weakens the tissue firmly holding the tooth.If your tooth is fractured, you would probably feel pain from cold. But when your tooth is loose, the most common reason is your gums. If you are suffering from gum disease, you must get it treated right away before your tooth gets too loose and you would have to remove it. You should consult a dentist or a periodontist (gum speacialist) who will start with a tooth scaling and maybe a curetage depending of how advanced your condition is.In rare cases, diseases or medications can weaken the bone that anchors your tooth. The living root is the important lifeline that keeps a tooth healthy, and damage to the bone or the root can make a tooth less rigid.Your dental professional is the best person to consult on tooth problems. You should avoid any delay that can allow a bad situation to become worse.

not all the time It doesn't really matter if it's loose. You'll still be getting the one or two (probably two) shots of novicane near your tooth in your gums which is the most painful part. Getting your tooth actually pulled out feels the same any way, loose or not(That part isn't all that bad with all of the numbing.) Sorry, it's not that bad though. Different people handle the pain in different ways.

First, the tooth should be COMPLETLY numb so that the patient does not feel any pain. Once that is accomplished, then the Dentist will use an instrument called an elevator to push the gums gently away from the tooth. When most of the gums at the top are pulled back the dentist will use another instrument that pushes the gums aways as you he goes lower down the roots of the tooth. When all sides of the tooth are loose from the ligament then the tooth should already be mobile and the Dentist can use surgical forceps to pull the loose tooth out. The worst and longest part is the numbing aspect...loosening the tooth should be a breeze in most cases.

The movement of an erupting wisdom tooth and any subsequent impaction may produce pain at the back of the jaw.

DEATH. when you die all your blood drains out of your body so when your teeth deteriorate enough to fall out of your mouth there wont be any blood left in your body and when your dead you wont feel any pain

Naproxen may help with tooth ache pain but does not treat any causal conditions. Any recurrent toothache ought to be discussed with your dentist.

You just have to pull it out with a lot of force because your tooth is not connected with your gums, it is only held by some tissue, so you are not doing any harm.

There are many easy techiques of pulling out the loose tooth. 1. Wiggle your tooth slowly with your thumb and index finger untill it doesn't get loosen and fall out. 2. You can eat hard fruits like carot, apple, pears etc. and if you feel any pain rub the ice on sensitive area. 3. If your teeth already get loosen then tie it with a thread and pull it downward fast. Note : Use these tips only to pull out loose tooth else I would recommend you to see a dentist.

Use a tissue or paper towel to stop any bleeding. If there isn't any blood, don't worry, as this often happens. If it was a natural loss, do what you want with the tooth, but if it was forced ice the tooth and go to the dentist immediately to have it put back.

put Vaseline on the back pointy thing and they should slip right off without any pain

If you get food trapped in the hole where a wisdom tooth or any tooth was, be sure to rinse very well to dislodge the food. Failure to do so can cause infection and pain.

An Incubus or Succubus Demon can inflict pain without any trouble, as can any demon.

For inflammation and pain in any area! I'm currently taking them for pain relief after my wisdom tooth extraction as I got dry socket

imediately if you are not on any pain killers and the dentist told you it is safe.

Any extreme pain can cause vomiting. Extreme sustained pain like broken bones etc.I have had first hand experience to know an abscess can cause vomiting.

If your kitten has a cracked tooth it is advisable to take it to a vet immediately. A cracked tooth, just like in humans, can be incredibly painful and the pain could even make the cat unable to eat its food. Your vet will most likely remove the tooth to stop any infection setting in and to relieve the kitten from pain.

A body-building term. If you don't feel pain, then exercise is not doing any good, so "no pain, no gain".

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