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How do you get a lucky egg in pearl?

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action replay DS id recomend the newer version action replay ds ez

i got both normal and newer the old one broke quite quick and my new ones still going...

the code for lucky eggx999(should work)

94000130 fcff0000

b21c4d28 00000000

b0000004 00000000

00000890 03e700e7

d2000000 00000000

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Where do you get lucky egg in Pokemon pearl?

Players can only get the lucky egg in Pokemon Pearl from the wild Chanseys. Lucky eggs are very difficult to find in the game.

What is the lucky egg in pearl?

In Pokemon pearl and Diamond the lucky egg is a booster it makes you gain double the exp points that you earn

Where do you get the lucky egg in pearl?

Sometimes wild chansey hold them.

What does a lucky egg do?

Well a lucky egg is sort of like a exp booster. I went on a website telling me that if you got the lucky egg and went to SunyShore city in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and fight one of the fishermen there and you'll get 11,000 exp points.

Why does the lucky egg work for some Pokemon but not for others Does the Pokemon have to love you in Pokemon Pearl?

The lucky egg in Pokemon Pearl is not affected by the Pokemon holding it. However, if one Pokemon were traded, and one were holding a lucky egg, they would receive the same EXP for defeating the same foe. In addition, if that traded Pokemon were holding a lucky egg, it would receive both boosts. You may want to confirm that you are not using an Egg Stone, which is used to evolve Happiny.

What does the lucky egg do in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

it increases the amount of exp given to a Pokemon, it is a good way to ev train, all u have to do is use lucky egg to L99 and then ev train with power item.

How do you get a lucky egg in Pokemon pearl without cheating?

of a chancey sorry about the spelling you have got a 5% chance of it holding it

Where can you get lucky egg in HeartGold?

Transfer in a pokémon that is holding a Lucky Egg.

How do you get a chansy with lucky egg on diamond?

5% of the time will you get a Lucky Egg.

What is a lucky egg in Pokemon sapphire?

A Lucky Egg is a held item that boosts the amount of EXP. the Pokemon holding the Lucky Egg gains.

What hatches from a lucky egg in sapphire?

Nothin' hatches from a Lucky Egg......I WISH SOMETHIN' DID!

How do you get Lucky Egg on Pokemon Colosseum?

Lucky Egg is not oibtainable in Pokemon Colosseum unless it was traded on.

How do you get a lucky egg in Pokemon pearl?

You must catch a wild Chansey, which is found in Route 209 & Route 210 South as well as the Trophy Garden sometimes. The Chansey will have a 5% chance of holding a lucky egg, so you may have to keep catching one until it happens.

How do you get the lucky egg on route 13?

Actually, you get the lucky egg from Prof. Juniper when you enter the chargestone cave.

How do you get lucky egg on Pokemon SoulSilver?

All you have to do is wait for a chansey swarm on the radio channel Mary and Oak, and then go there with a stantler. When you run into one, Stantler will frisk and find a lucky egg. Repeat to get more. I have no idea what hatches from a lucky egg, but I know how to get them. Good luck!Lucky Egg Can be obtained, by Getting a Chansy with a Lucky Egg. I think It is One of the Rarest Item in Pokemon Games...

How do you get a lucky egg in Pokemon Platinum?

Same as Pokemon Diamnd/Pearl. And heres a guy doing it on Pokemon diamond:

What does a clear egg mean?

you should take it and eat it up. it is a lucky egg, that means you are a lucky!! good luck. Casidii Maxfeild. A clear egg is, quite simply, an egg that is not fertile.

How do you get a lucky egg on Pokemon platinum?

When you catch a Chansey, there's a chance it's holding a lucky egg. I have gotten several.

Where do you get a lucky egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get it as a very lucky drop from chansey

How do you clone Pokemon you diamond and pearl without actionreaply?

you cant clone persey you just have to make an egg and if your lucky the egg will hatch and have BA moves my munchlax knew blizzard, fire blast, tackle, and water pulse

Where do you find an egg on Pokemon Pearl?

Try searching How do you get an egg on Pokemon pearl. I have an awnser there that would help.

In Pokemon platinum what is the item Lucky Egg and where is it found?

The lucky egg is an item that doubles the amount of exp that a Pokemon gives. You can get it from a Chansey if you are lucky (found near Solaceon town).

How do you get the lucky egg?

You have to catch a Chansey in the Safari Zone and it might have a lucky egg. If you catch one there is no guarantee of it having one though....

What does the lucky egg do in Pokemon diamond?

The lucky egg is actually a very useful item. It raises the exp points u get in battle.

In Pokemon diamond What is a lucky egg?

The Lucky Egg is an item that increases how much exp you gain after each battle if held by the pokemon.