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How do you get a lutari in Neopets?

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wait until lutari day and he will be a limited edditon pet or use a morfing potion

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How do you get into lutari island on Neopets?

At the moment you can't. Lutari Island was part of the Neopets Mobile which has been discontinued.

How do you get a lutari on Neopets?

You have to create a lutari yourself, because they cannot be adopted out of the pound or transfered.

On Neopets how do you get a lutari?

1) They might be released on Lutari Day (April 19th) 2) Lab Ray 3) If they ever reopen Lutari Island & Neopets Mobile (very unlikely though :/ )

When is Lutari day on Neopets?

April 19th

How do you get to lutari island on Neopets?

Lutari island is only avalible on your mobile (cell phone) and is not actually part of the site

How do you get onto lutari island on Neopets?

You have to get Neopets Mobile. But rumor has it that it will soon be open to all users.

What is the answer to Neopets mystery picture 922?

Lutari - Island Lemonade

How do you get Lutari on Neopets?

Sometimes you are able to create one on the "Create a Pet" page on Lutari Day. Other than that, you can no longer get one.

What is lutari island?

Lutari Island was an area available only to Neopets Mobile users. There were games and items there not available on the other parts of the site.

How do you get lutari island beads on Neopets?

Lutari beads turn up in Random Events around the site - they can also be bought from other users.

Why is lutari island closed in Neopets?

Lutari Island was part of the Neopets Mobile promotion which has been over for a while now. No one knows why the Island still exists, whether it will ever be opened to the public or deleted from the map.

What is the secret behind the Lutari Island on neopets?

To get to this island you have to have a lutari, wich is impossible due to the fact that they are limited adition pets and are no longer being adopted, sorry ):

How can you create a lutari on lutari day?

When you go to create a neopet you will wee there is a section for regular neopets and underneath that is says Limited Edition Neopets Available... Normally it will be empty. But on Lutari day if you go to create a neopet like you normally would, there will most likely be an option to create the limited edition neopet 'Lutari'. Sometimes during the day there will be some Lutaris available to create, other times it will say there are no limited edition neopets available. You've just got to keep checking back.

Is it possible to zap or create a Lost Desert Lutari using the Neopets Secret Lab Map?

Yes, but it is very rare. :)

What are all limited edition Neopets?

A) Chomby B) Cybunny C) Draik D) Grundo E) Hissi F) Jetsam G) Kiko H) Koi I) Krawk J) Lutari K) Poogle L) Tonu Technically Krawk, Lutari, and Draik are special pets, but they are hard to get none the less :)

When is lutari day?

April 19th

Can you get a lutari from the secret lab map?


What is the most expensive neopets paint brush?

The most expensive would have to be the Lutari Paint Brush. They're extremely rare and sell for around 25 million NPs. The Maraquan Paint Brush would come in second; it usually sells for around 10 million NPs.

How do you make another Neopet?

If you have four Neopets, there isn't much you can do if you don't want to buy a premium membership. If you have less than four, though, you can make them anytime. Just roll over "Customise" and select "Create a Neopet". However, Lutaris can only be created on Lutari Day.

What is the easiest trophy to get on Neopets?

This can depend on the player. For some, playing flash games can be the easiest. For others, you may earn a trophy in seconds by playing Cheat!, Cell Block, Sahkmet Solitaire, etc. There are also some trophies players automatically get when joining neopets (the lutari talisman), and if you join Premium, which costs real money. Also, many people are great at feeding Kadoaties. Feeding just one will earn you a shiny, bronze trophy on your lookup.

Neopets-How do you get Faerie Quests?

Faerie Quests are random events on Neopets.

Is Neopets a website?

Yes, Neopets is a website.

Usukis on Neopets?

Yes there are usukis on Neopets.

Which came first marapets or Neopets?


Where do you get sporkle syrup on Neopets?

go on neopets

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