How do you get a new starter on Pokemon Diamond?

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You push up on pad at beginning menu and select with b I think and you can dtart over

How do you get all 3 starters in Pokemon diamond?

The only way to obtain all three starter Pokemon is through a trade. The GTS building is in Jubilife City, and you need to have WiFi Connection set up before you can trade.

What is the best starter on Pokemon Diamond?

One opinion is to go with Turtwig since it can learn Earthquake andAbsorb however another option is to pick Chimchar since itsFire-type attacks are super effective against the Grass, Steel andIce-type Gym Leaders and Chimchar can also learn Fighting moveswhich will help it to beat the Rock-type Gym ( Full Answer )

How to get Johto Starters in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

"You have to have Pokemon colosseum and a gba/cube link cord then you trade the starters to one of the gba games (ruby sapphire emerald leaf green or fire red) then you migrate!" Answer Migrate the johto starters from emerald to Pokemon diamond or pearl card. Answer you can also get the joht ( Full Answer )

What is the best starter Pokemon in diamond?

hi my opinion is that to compare the starters it must lern its last move. turtwig is the takes some time to evolve to grotle but by that time of lv18 he's gt some key moves.they are razor leaf, tackle ,absorb,withdraw. its easy to train it and evolves to toterra on lv32.then he knows bite an ( Full Answer )

How you get all starters on Pokemon diamond?

the way i would recommend it would be like this:get two nintendos and two Pokemon games when you see the first Pokemon center go up then go to the second lady and you give your starter Pokemon to your friend after all that you start the game all over get a different starter Pokemon and give it to yo ( Full Answer )

What is the best starter in Pokemon Diamond?

Empoleon is better than torterra and infernape. . Torterra: Torterra: It may be better than empoleon in grass against water, but Empoleon can use ice moves which is REALLY super effective. . Infernape: Just use water moves or flying moves which are both super effective. . If you haven't chosen, ( Full Answer )

How do you get all starters in Pokemon Diamond?

1:Say i had turtwig and a relitive who picked piplup get a ditto near canalava give the ditto to whoever they will make a egg they will keep it restart your game start with chimchar hatch the egg make sure your turtwig/grotle/torterra is with whoever tell them to make a egg

Can you find Pokemon Ruby starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

No, you cannot. You must transfer the Pokemon from the Gameboy cartridge to the DS game by means of Pal Park, which opens after you have beaten story mode and obtained the National Pokedex. A : The above is right, but you can if your purchase a cheat/ hacking device such as an action replay d.s ( Full Answer )

Which is the best starter Pokemon in diamond?

Lets see... Turtwig is weak to Candice, Elite Four Aron, and Elite Four Flint. It is tough to Roark,Crasher Wake, and Volkner.(Remember, Turtwig's final form, Torterra,is half a Ground type!) Chimchar is weak to Roark (If it has not evolved Remember, Monferno, it's evolution, is a Fighting type as ( Full Answer )

Which Pokemon are the best starters in Pokemon Diamond?

Depends. Best to take Chimchar since the only fire type you'll encounter is a Ponyta. If you want defense, take piplup. Though slow, it's defense in 3rd form is quite good. If you want power, take turtwig. Turtwig, though slow, is really strong and not to mention, it can learn Earthquake once you ge ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon is the best Starter for Diamond?

Well they're all great In my opinion its Piplup, because the first Gym is EASY PEASY if its level 15 or evolved. But if you started with Piplup pick up a Starly and train it up into a Staraptor because Staraptor is AMAZING it learned Close Combat when it first evolves but anyways. Piplup is ( Full Answer )

What is the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Turtwig (Torterra): Torterra has high attack and defense but low speed. It is probably the hardest to have. Chimchar (Infernape): I would recommend if you want to get through the game the fastest. It has the best attack, and speed Piplup (Empoleon):It is all around, but with more defense and sp ( Full Answer )

Where to get all three starter Pokemon from emerald on Pokemon diamond?

You probably have to migrate from your emerald game if you have one and then go to Pal park. Pal park is below sandgem town and to the right a little ways. but there could be some that dawn's sister or lucas's sister talks about on different days. she lives in sandgem town. hoped that helped!

What is the best starter Pokemon on diamond?

It depends on your preference. infernape is good against the first 2 gyms, while the other two arent, which is good cuz there arent many good Pokemon right off the bat. My favourite is Torterra, then Empoleon, then Infernape. Torterra is my faveourite because its has good defence although its slow ( Full Answer )

Can you get starter Pokemon in the wild in Pokemon Diamond?

Ya, You can get all 3 even before the 2nd gym. First you have to choose Turtwig so that your rival chooses Chimchar. Then you use the code to catch other Trainer's Pokemon 9223B5FA 000021011223B5FA 00002100D2000000 00000000 You have to imput the code and once you battle with a Trainer you can ( Full Answer )

What are the new starter Pokemon going to be?

The Newest season for 2011 is Pokemon Black & White in the Unova Reigon. . These Pokemon are: . The Water Type: Oshawott The Fire Type: Tepig The Grass Type: Snivy . If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!

Best starter Pokemon in diamond?

Piplup. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Piplup is the best starter. Its final evolution form - Empoleon is strong. Its extra steel type decrease the super effective damage from lightning type to water type. And it can learn some good moves too. Like Drill Peck, Hydro ( Full Answer )

What is the best starter Pokemon for diamond and pearl?

I think Piplup is the best because it is easy to vs the first 3 gyms. on the first gym all you need is bubble or a water type attack! on the second gym, all you need is peck or a flying type attack, and the 3rd gym, all you need is the same as the 2nd gym! for the third gym, i suggest you catch a st ( Full Answer )

What is the best starter Pokemon for Pokemon Diamond?

Turtwig reaches its third evolution earliest. It also has a stable defense and attack. It can also learn the powerful leaf storm. It is useful against the first and the fourth gyms. It is super weak to ice and useless against steel types (so learn earthquake!) but resistant to the electric gym (Pa ( Full Answer )

Can you find any of the diamond starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Yeah, one is given to you at the beginning of the game, the others you will have to trade with someone who has them from another game. I would also recommend if you have internet at your house use the World Trade Center If you are just trying to register them in the pokedex, battle every trainer, i ( Full Answer )

1qhow do you get a female starter on Pokemon diamond?

i am the same person who submitted this question and i wanna answer it for everyone. ignore the typo plz!. when u start a new game hold L+R and dont let go AT ALL until after defeating the starly! it worked for me!. hope i helped! ;)

What is the best starter Pokemon for diamond?

The Best Starter Pokemon is Probably (This is Because I have the 2 strongest but the best of the two is) Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape My other is Piplup/Prinplup/Empoleon

What is the best starter Pokemon to have on Pokemon Diamond?

some people have said that turtwig is because it evolves into torterra and it is a Grass/Ground type, but you have to take into considerasion that Chimchar evolves into Infernape which is a Fire/Fighting type and piplup that evolves into empoleon which is a Water/Steel type.

How do you change starters on Pokemon diamond?

what you do is get starter with action replay hooked up then go to house and save. then turn off game and unplug action replay. then turn back on game without action replay then go back to lake then the briefcase will be there once again

What is the most powerful starter in Pokemon diamond?

piplup because empoleon's hydro cannon is way stronger than explosion but though his attack,sp.attack,defense and sp.defense may be high but his speed is SUPER low but you can change that by its happiness dough people say turtwig dough but piplup is better

Pokemon diamond were to get the other starter Pokemon?

ummmmmmmmmm u cant get/catch the starter Pokemon back. u just have to trade with someone who does have the starter Pokemon. I think theres a way u can get a piplup egg from the daycare people but im not sure how. Srry to dissapoint :]

Pokemon Diamond kento starter cheat?

94000130 FCFF0000. B21C4D28 00000000. B0000004 00000000. 10001170 00000XXX. D2000000 00000000. Replace the 3 X's with:. Bulbasaur: 001. Charmander: 004. Squirtle: 007. LOL I don't know if charmander and squirtle are mixed up or not.. BYE

In Pokemon Diamond what is the best starter Pokemon?

Well, this question is basically a matter of opinion. I chose the cute water-type penguin Pokemon Piplup . However, most people I talk to all agree that Chimchar is the best starter Pokemon. I suppose this is a mater of controversy. Piplup's final evolutrion is Empoleon (water-steel). Chimchar's fi ( Full Answer )

How do you catch all the starter Pokemon for diamond?

\nget the other game or the same game and start the game 3 time if u want them on one or start it 6 time and trade them over.\n. \nYou can also get a friend to do this method with you

What starter pokemon should you get in Pokemon Diamond?

I chose Chimchar. it has been proven that: Chimchar is easiest pokemon to play with in the game Piplup is medium hardest pokemon to play with in the game Turtwig is hardest. This has been decided on the gym leaders, trainers and wild high level pokemon. Hope this helped!

What is the best Pokemon diamond starter?

The best starter for me is ALL because they all are the same. It's up to you. Okay, I'm SICK of everyone saying Piplup/Turtwig/Chimchar is the best. People are saying Piplup is the best, and I feel quite hurt because my Turtwig (Grotle) Is amazing cause it knows Mega Drain, absorb, bite and Razor Le ( Full Answer )

Which Starter Pokemon Is The Best - Pokemon Diamond?

probably turtwig even though it evolves later than piplup and chimchar on its first evolution but it does evolve earlier than them on its final evolution and it has amazing moves and stats

Code for Pokemon Diamond all starters?

There is a code for "All Starters" However they are Generations 1-4, all lvl 100, shiny, and have pokerus. Oh, and they're fully evolved. This can still work, though. Just breed them at the Daycare in Solceon Town and you'll get their prevolution :) I have the code here: 94000130 fcff0000 B21c4 ( Full Answer )

How do you get Hoenn starters in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get them on Diamond, but you can migrate them from a GBA game using the Pal Park, after you have the national dex. just slot both games in the DS, and on the starting screen of Diamond, pick "migrate from Emerald (or whatever GBA game you are using)" and select 6 Pokemon to move from the G ( Full Answer )

Can 3 starter Pokemon be obtained in Pokemon Diamond?

yes the way you can get them is by trading them. You will need: a friend that has the game and a ds,to start over your game 3 times. each time you start your game you trade your starter Pokemon to your friend then so on.Then when you have traded 2 of your starter Pokemon start again then you g ( Full Answer )

Where do you get new starter Pokemon?

you get the new pokemon at the lake that is to the left of when you leave town with your friend. You than encounter professor Rowan and Dawn talking and leave a bag behind, when you go towards the bag, pokemon will attack you and you will have to pick a pokemon to defend yourself with, BE CAREFUL th ( Full Answer )