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There are many institute or center to get a personal trainer certification. After getting certification you will be able to teach somebody as a personal trainer. If you want get a personal trainer certification you must do it from good place or good way.

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Q: How do you get a personal trainer certification?
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Where can I get personal trainer certification?

If you have the skills and qualities in becoming a personal trainer and want to have a personal trainer certification then visit

Where can I go to learn more about getting my personal trainer certification?

Personal Trainer Certification and Group Exercise Certification can help you. You can see their website and get more information at

How do you take online personal training classes?

Personal Trainer Certification - $69.99 - Fitness Certification ... Online Personal Trainer Course leading to Personal Trainer Certification offers a unique opportunity to get yourself certified as a Personal Training ...

Who offers personal trainer certification programs in Houston, Texas?

The people who offers personal training certification programs is Professional Fitness Instructor Training and AHCP's Personal Fitness Trainer program.

Do you have to be licensed to be a personal trainer?

no you dont have to be licensed infact there is no license for it but there is a certification for itCertified Personal Trainer Specialistoffer by national certifcation

Is Fitness Instructor Certification required in Maryland?

Personal Trainer Certification, Fitness Trainer Certification, Nutrition Certification, ... their field of certification and have fulfilled set industry standards and requirements. ... Ocean City, MD - AFPA Fitness, Trainer, Sports & Mind Body Conference ...

Which fitness certifications do I need to become a personal trainer at home?

To become a personal trainer at home, you will need to be a certified personal trainer from a reputable university. Visit a local college to get the certification.

Where can one find personal trainer certification?

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (also referred to as NASM) offers a recognized personal trainer certification program. Alternatively, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America also offers certification.

Is it possible to get a personal trainer certification online and if so who offers it?

You can indeed work on getting personal trainer certification online, and it will give you all the skills you need. The ISSA offers it at

What school offers the best Personal Trainer Certification?

They are a few schools that offer personal trainer certification along with training, try visiting and

Is it possible to get a personal trainer certification online?

Yes you can get a personal trainer online but you must consider some risks because mostly, nowadays, if your not a good observant, you can get easily fooled by some frauds that takes advantages. Just take the risk, here is an example of the site for your online personal trainer certification

What do I need to do to earn personal trainer certification?

There are different personal trainer certification bodies, including the NSCA, the AFPA, and the ACSM, and they have different certification requirements. The NSCA requires a bachelor degree, usually in physical fitness and weight training, or something of that variety. There are some personal trainer certification courses that result in an award or certificate that can be used to gain employment. To become certified personal trainers usually complete a degree program in physical science, kinesiology, or exercise science. Then they sit for a certification exam. Passing scores qualify them for certification.

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