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winning a contest

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Q: How do you get a rally 7 in burnin rubber 4?
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How do you get the rally 7 in burnin rubber 4 like where exactly to get it?

by winning a contest

Burnin Rubber 3 and 4 - Any Cool Stuff?

Yes there is. Burnin Rubber 3 & 4 have alot of secrets. Here are the following: 1 Burnin Rubber 3 Monkey - It is in Jungle Battlerace in Africa. Right of the red van. 2 Burnin Rubber 3 Pig - It is in King City Battlerace in Asia. After the first line of coins, turn right instead of left and squeeze through the arrows. 3 Burnin Rubber 3 Helicopter - Find all the hidden packages to unlock the helicopter. 4 Burnin Rubber 4 Landmarks - Get them all to be able to use 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to teleport to areas. The landmarks are the large rocky signs covered in rock. Shoot it to clear the rocks off and theres a landmark. 5 Burnin Rubber 4 Tank - Want to get a tank? Not the tank-car, A big one. If you complete Burnin Rubber 3 then start over burnin rubber 4, it'll say stuff about it. The tank is huge and bashes stuff around. You can't upgrade it nor change guns, but you got 4 cool colours and the big boom gun and mini gun. 6 Burnin Rubber 4 Helicopter - Most of you know that Burnin rubber 4 has been recently changed. Go to the docks area, (keep going up the road from the gun shop in the city) and you can go on a new boat, steer a helicopter, and others. The helicopter controls are like a car except use space to go up, and shift to go down. 7 Burnin Rubber 4 Cash Stashes - Cash Stashes are cool. Sometimes I wonder why they are in the middle of the road because it is 50 grand! The docks cash stashes I know are in the big chimnys, go down with the helicopter. 8 Burnin Rubber 4 Free Nitro - Don't bother getting nitro at the weapon store, Just go to the jungle area and climb the mountain near the bridge and get the trophy. Once you have, press A at any time for unlimited Nitro.

How many areas are there in burnin rubber 4?

There are 5 areas.The Docks.Snow Peak - This place requires 7 tickets to unlock.The Jungle - This place requires 10 tickets to unlock, the biggest amount of tickets in the game.Big Rock (the desert) including The City. All up, burnin rubber 4 has 5 areas and this is the first area to unlock, then the snow peak and lastly the jungle.

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