How do you get a rare berry?

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Get the berry app on your Poketech by vusiting the Poketech lab in Jubelife City

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Q: How do you get a rare berry?
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What is the most rare berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Starf berry is the most rarest berry,

How do you know if the berry is rare on diamond?

Eeach type of Berry is numbered, the higher the number the rarer the Berry.

What berries can you obtain in amity square?

corrn berry, magost berry, nomel berry, rabuta berry, belue berry, durin berry, pamtre berry, spelon berry, and watmel berry but they are very rare

What is a berry can be used as rare candy?


What is a winkle berry?

A winkle berry is a rare type of berry with a winkle type shape found on mount everest.

What is a Hozy Berry?

Hozy BerryA really rare berry that increases a Pokemon's Happiness.

What is the niche of berries?

Easy a rare berry one of a kind!

What moshling can you get with a pink love berry?

You need a pink love berry, red love berry, and any star blossom to get rare moshling tiki

What is at mirage island?

Wynaut are the only Pokemon there and the rare berry only found at Mirage Island, the Liechi Berry.

Where do you get rare candys?

You can get rare candies by putting Shuckle first in you party(walk with it) At first when you get Shuckle from a guy in Cainwood city,it will be holding berry juice when you walk the berry juice'll become hard and turn into a rare candy! Latter you can give shuckle other berries(I don't know what kind) and walk with it so that it will turn to berry juice and latter a rare candy!

Pokemon pearl where to get rare berrys?

at pastoria city this lady that is in the house right next to the place that starts raining will give you a very rare berry each day i got: Chople berry Something that started with "ye" (it was yechea or something) Colbur berry

How do you get rare berries in Pokemon?

you can visit the berry master or go to the amity square in heart home city or go to pastoria city a the last house and enter it you will see a lady talk to her and she will give you a rare berry do this each day to get rare berries.

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