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You can get rare candies by putting Shuckle first in you party(walk with it) At first when you get Shuckle from a guy in Cainwood city,it will be holding berry juice when you walk the berry juice'll become hard and turn into a rare candy! Latter you can give shuckle other berries(I don't know what kind) and walk with it so that it will turn to berry juice and latter a rare candy!


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no you can't buy rare candys, but you can find them by using your idemfinder.

in ss you get a shuckle and it has berryjuce walk around and it will make rare candys ithink

use cheats or find 100 rare candys yourself or do 100 trades with a friend with a Pokemon holding a rare candy


you can't make rare candies

go buy an action replay from eb games funny thing is I have a action replay and I have that cheat for rare candys

It is a type of rare candy that gives you an unlimited supply of rare candies

train your Pokemon hard and feed it rare candys and if you want buy a ds action replay and you will get a cheat for infinity rare candys

Not enough information: Which region?

you can train in the elite four or use rare candys i got my rayquaza to level 100 by doing that train in elite four or use rare candys

You either buy A LOT of rare candys, or you can use the simple but cheating way, action replay. Unfortunately, I do not know the action replay code for this.

Be a man and do it your self Be a man and do it your self

How do you get 999 Rare Candys in pokemon pearl?

You can buy them at the Battle frontier with BP.

you can get it by this code 820258400044 in your pc

you have to defeat 79 unkown and then you get 100 rare candy

you can't find rareb candys you find rare candys and no i don't know where to find them


You have to have the action replay DS cheats to get a lot of rare candies............

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