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How do you get a red flower in my Lego network?


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Give_5_apples_to_Henrietta,_she'll_give_you_have_a_mason_jar_ blueprint._Build_2_mason_jars_and_give_them_to_Bee_Keeper_Bill,_ he'll_give_you_the_worker_bee_blueprint._Build_three_worker_bees_ mail_2_to_mail_worker_bees_to_Flora_for_a_potted_plant_blueprint._ Than_mail_1_more_to_Flora_for_a_flower_patch_module_blueprint._ Build_the_flower_patch_module_and_put_it_on_your_page_for_5_red_ flowers_per(every)_day._Use_red_flowers_in_the_making_of_potted_ plants.">You get a flower patch blueprint. If you don't know how I'll tell you. Give 5 apples to Henrietta, she'll give you have a mason jar blueprint. Build 2 mason jars and give them to Bee Keeper Bill, he'll give you the worker bee blueprint. Build three worker bees mail 2 to mail worker bees to Flora for a potted plant blueprint. Than mail 1 more to Flora for a flower patch module blueprint. Build the flower patch module and put it on your page for 5 red flowers per(every) day. Use red flowers in the making of potted plants.