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You_get_a_flower_patch_blueprint._If_you_don't_know_how_I'll_tell_you.Give_5_apples_to_Henrietta,_she'll_give_you_have_a_mason_jar_ blueprint._Build_2_mason_jars_and_give_them_to_Bee_Keeper_Bill,_ he'll_give_you_the_worker_bee_blueprint._Build_three_worker_bees_ mail_2_to_mail_worker_bees_to_Flora_for_a_potted_plant_blueprint._ Than_mail_1_more_to_Flora_for_a_flower_patch_module_blueprint._ Build_the_flower_patch_module_and_put_it_on_your_page_for_5_red_ flowers_per(every)_day._Use_red_flowers_in_the_making_of_potted_ plants.">You get a flower patch blueprint. If you don't know how I'll tell you. Give 5 apples to Henrietta, she'll give you have a mason jar blueprint. Build 2 mason jars and give them to Bee Keeper Bill, he'll give you the worker bee blueprint. Build three worker bees mail 2 to mail worker bees to Flora for a potted plant blueprint. Than mail 1 more to Flora for a flower patch module blueprint. Build the flower patch module and put it on your page for 5 red flowers per(every) day. Use red flowers in the making of potted plants.(If_you_can't_trade_or_mail_them_you_need_to_become_their_friend.)
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How do you get a phantom orchid on my Lego network?

you have to give radia a red flower.

How do I get Bee Battle Rank 1 in My Lego Network?

Give Bartlebee a Red Flower.

Who has the flower module on your Lego Network?

Sasquatch2011 and Wetbikeboy2500 has the flower module.

How do you put a red flower in a mason jar on your Lego network to make a potted plant?

you get the potted plant blueprint

How do you get red LEGO bricks in my LEGO network?

the Lego tree moudle

Who has a flower patch module on your Lego network?

DANCool7828 has one...

On LEGO network how do you get 122 red LEGO brick?

find out poo

How can you get a red flower on my LEGO network?

You get the flowers by the flower blueprint. The Blueprint can be obtained by sending Flora one Worker Bee by mail. Mln screename: Nathan6342 If you like my answer, give me a trust point!

How do you get a pollinated bee on Lego network?

Click someones flower patch module.

How do you get a red brick in my Lego network?

use your tree module.

How do you get a red flower on my Lego network?

I Don't know the answer to I cant even guess SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW OR SEND ME ONE My name is zaza1915 and the message will be :) Mail Flora a Worker Bee and she'll send you a blueprint for the Flower Patch Module, which grows red flowers

How do you get a red brick on LEGO network?

your tree Module or the LEGO Club Magazine Badge, Rank 1 i don`t know any more ways to get red Lego brick

Who do you get the red flower from in my Lego network?

you go to Henrietta's page and buy the Mason jar blueprint build one of them and send it to Flora than she will send you the flower patch modules which you plant on your page and it will grow 15 red flowers per day 75 per harvest.

How do you get a red brick in Lego network?

you will need the tree module each day you will get 10 red bricks

On my LEGO network how do you get a giant?

You get it by winning the blueprint on the windmill module. Then build it by using 40 red Lego bricks and 30 blue Lego bricks.pend mato8830.

How do you pollinate a bee on My Lego Network?

You go to some one page and if they have a red flower model on their page and you have a worker bee then click on it if you want some one who has one then type in my and my name is Amazing888.

How do you get to rank 1 in your LEGO network?

Visit Lego message boards and go on My Lego network. Lego network rank help and look for how to get to rank 1.

How do you get a potted plant on my Lego network?

get a mason jar and put in a flowerif you want to be my friend on mln its callled hjccp456

How do you get a Flower on my Lego network?

Try trying to trade something for one add my for friend that's gay up there

How do you get rank 2 in my LEGO network?

INGREDENTS 10 red flowers 1 drone bee 10 worker bees 50 honey pots To get this, set up a Flower Patch Module and a Hive Module. Get the drone bee blueprint and make one: 25 red Lego bricks Also, set up a red Lego tree module. Do the same thing until you become rank 2.

How do you get Flower Pots in My Lego Network?

Available at Rank 1, you make them from 1 Red Flower and 1 Mason Jar. Mail a Worker Bee to receive the Flower Patch Module Blueprint in return. This will allow you to eventually harvest red flowers. You'll have to trade 2 Worker Bees with Flora to get the Potted Plant (flower pot) Blueprint. Once you have a red flower, build the Mason Jar and use the Potted Plant blueprint to build your Potted Plant.

How do you get a trade module on mln?

You start out with the blueprint. You need 55 Red Lego Bricks to build it. Ajama11, from My Lego Network. (P.S. I am a beta tester for Lego Universe!)

How do you get the spa badge on my LEGO network?

You had to be a Lego club page member, but my Lego network replaced that. (that was dumb)

Who are some My Lego Network users that have the Flower Patch Module?

MilkyWay2000 laneomac28 does fhc717 aiviloydur78 elgie99 DANCool7828, princedastan1

Who has a jungle module on my LEGO network?

I am mars256 and i have a jungle module on my Lego network.