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How do you get a shiny Dialga?


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September 13, 2011 2:31AM

to get a shiny dialga you will need an action replay (really hard to find) find tha code for shiny Pokemon on youtube.com (when you go to youtube type in shiny Pokemon cheat for action replay it will have a video click on the video an don the left side it has a desciption hit more and they will have the code then after you get the master ball from team galactic's boss go to spear piller and talk to dialga and you will battle him he will be shiny so use your master ball on him because he is very hard to catch

go to (i forgot what it was called. where dialga is.)and save right in front of him.turn off. if he isn't shiny then cut it off.it will take some time but if you like shinys as much as i do, then it will be worth it