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How do you get a shuckle in Pokemon diamond?

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Route 224 but you need Pokemon Emerald version inserted.

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Where do you find Shuckle on Pokemon Diamond?

If you want shuckle in diamond,you need Pokemon Emerald and find Shuckle at route 224,then MIGRATE it in Diamond and capture him in Pal Park(When obtained National Dex)

What level does shuckle evolve in Pokemon diamond?

it doesn't evolve

Where can you get shuckle in diamond?

you get shuckle on route 224

What type of Pokemon is shuckle?

Shuckle is a bug and rock type pokemon.

Where can you get the Pokemon shuckle in Pokemon Diamond?

Insert an Emerald game in the GBA slot and go to route 224 and it should appear.

What happens when you get shuckle in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You get a Shuckle.

What does the Pokemon shuckle evolve into?

Shuckle does not evolve.

What is the evoulution of shuckle in Pokemon?

Shuckle does not have an evolution.

What type is the Pokemon Shuckle?

Shuckle is a dual Bug/Rock-type Pokemon.

How do you evolve shuckle on Pokemon HeartGold?

Shuckle Doesn't Evolve....

How do you evolve shuckle on Pokemon SoulSilver?

A Shuckle doesn't evolve

Is shuckle a legendary Pokemon?


What level shuckle evolve in Pokemon emerald version?

shuckle doesnt evolve

What level does shuckle evolve in Pokemon XD?

Shuckle doesn't evolve in XD.

Where to find a shuckle?

You can find a shuckle in Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald in the Safari zone.

What Pokemon has the strongest defense?


Do you get the Pokemon shuckle in emerald?


How do you get shuckle in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to trade

Can you catch shuckle on Pokemon platinum?

Shuckle can be found by using the PokeRadar on Route 224. 224 is the Route East of the Pokemon League.

Is this a good team for Pokemon diamond Blastoise parasect alakazam shuckle typhlosion and Metagross?

That seems like a good, well-balanced team.

How do you catch shunckle in Pokemon in diamond?

Firstly, it is spelt Shuckle. To catch it, you must have the national dex. Once you do, insert Pokemon Emerald into the GBA slot and go to route 224.

What is shuckle affected to in emerald?

Shuckle is a Bug and Rock type pokemon its weaknesses are: Water, and Rock.

Where do you find a shuckle on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to trade shuckle from colosseum, or use an action can't

Silver what does shuckle evolve into on Pokemon soul silver?

Actually....Shuckle doesn't evolve at all

Does shuckle evolve you Pokemon Emerald?

No, Shuckle can't evlove in Emerald or any other version.

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