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get a sneasel from snowpoint city and get the razor claw and you get that from victory road then lv it up 1 lv and it should be a weavile.

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How can you catch sneasle and weavile on Pokemon sapphire?

There is no weavile. The pokedex cannot accept that poke. Any way, weavile is in diamond or pearl or platinum.....

What level does Weavile evolve at in Pokemon Diamond?

Weavile does not evolve.

Where can you find a weavile?

you can catch one in either Pokemon pearl and Pokemon diamond, then simply evolve it, to evolve it give it the razor claw then level it up one level and it will evolve into weavile

How is Weavile obtained in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

catch one near snow-point city or evolve sneasel

What is boss Cyrus' Pokemon?

He has a weavile, gyarados, honchkrow, and a crobat in Diamond and Pearl. In the Distortion World, he has a weavile, houndoom, gyarados, crobat and a honchkrow, not necessarily in that order.

Where do you catch weavile in Pokemon diamond?

you can't, you have to evolve sneasel and then you get weavile. level 69

Where do you catch the Pokemon weavile in pearl?

The Pokemon Weavile cannot be found in the wild. To get a Weavile, catch a Sneasel and level it up while it is holding a Razor Claw.

What Pokemon is number 145 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon diamond?


What is the best team in diamond and pearl?

the best team in Pokemon pearl is Torterra Rapidash Floatzel Staraptor Weavile Luxray its up to you to decide what you want but try to cover all types

How do you catch diagia in Pokemon pearl?

trade diamond from Pokemon diamond onto Pokemon pearl

Pokemon Diamond how do you get magmorter?

You trade Magmar from Pokemon pearl,diamond,or platinum to ether Pokemon pearl,diamond,or platinum.

What Pokemon are not found in diamond and pearl?


Which is better to get Pokemon diamond or Pokemon Pearl?


Can you get Palkiain Pokemon Diamond?

You can get Palkia in Pearl, otherwise you have to transfer Palkia from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon Diamond.

Can you catch Deoxys on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

No, you can't catch Deoxys on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl unless you have cheats. You can transfer it from your GBA to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl though

What are the differenses between Pokemon pearl and diamond?

some of the Pokemon are different such as diamond has dialga and pearl has palkia some of the Pokemon are different such as diamond has dialga and pearl has palkia

Are there any Pokémon that are in Pokémon Pearl but not Diamond?

Palkia is the legendary Pokemon in Pearl, and there is also various Pokemon found in Pearl, but not in Diamond. Diamond has some, that Pearl doesn't have.

How can you get a diamend in Pokemon pearl?

you cant get a diamond on Pokemon pearl but you can get a pearl on diammond ...and pearl.

What are the starter pokemon in diamond and pearl?

The starter pokemon for Diamond and Pearl are Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar.

Where do you get dive in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can't because you can't dive in Pokemon diamond or pearl.

Where do you find a totodile in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

where do i find a totodile in Pokemon diamond/pearl on nintendods

Is Pokemon Pearl better the diamond?

neither of them is better, they are both the same, but in diamond, you catch dialga, and in pearl, you catch palkia, and you can catch different Pokemon in each game for example: you can catch this Pokemon in diamond, but not pearl but: you can catch this different Pokemon in pearl, but not diamond

What Pokemon does the seventh gym leader have in Pokemon Diamond?

that's easy... abomasnow, weavile, snover and sneasel

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl all Pokemon dark?

Here are all the Dark-type Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl (in the National Dex): * Absol * Cacturne * Carvanha * Crawdaunt * Darkrai * Drapion * Honchkrow * Houndoom * Houndour * Mightyena * Murkrow * Nuzleaf * Poochyena * Sableye * Sharpedo * Shiftry * Skuntank * Sneasel * Spiritomb * Stunky * Tyranitar * Umbreon * Weavile

Where is teddiorsa on Pokemon Diamond and pearl?

you cant get it on diamond or pearl sorry!!!