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If you are playing the video in Flash you can call a javascript function at the end of the video streaming through getURL. So internally the javascript function will open the pop up window.

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Q: How do you get a window to pop up only after a video finishes using JavaScript or VBscript?
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How can one use JavaScript to open a window?

JavaScript contains a function that is specifically written and designed for the purpose of opening a new window. In Javascript, this function is simply called 'open new window'. When this object is initiated, one can determine the properties of the window to be called and open a new window using JavaScript.

Why use VBscript in ASP?

The choice of VBscript in ASP versus other options is mostly personal perferance. Using VBscript allows you access to thousands of functions and operators to help you code easier, and more effectivley.A personal preference towards VBscript when coding in ASP may be because it follows the same style of programming. For example, a Javascript operator might look like this:&&Whereas an asp operator will be written as:AndVBscript follows this same methodology, and make for an easier "mesh" with the natural coding of ASP.

Home page containing pull down menu box for the links using vbscript?

Home page containing pull down menu box for the links using VBScript.

What HTML code do you use to make a link or button that closes the browser?

This would be done using javascript: <a href="javascript:window.close();">Close This Window</a>

How do you check length of password using javascript?

Use the length property of string in javascript.

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You can directly do that in the JavaScript. Just get the value of the input type in JavaScript using id and show it using .innerHTML.

Can you get ipaddress by using javascript?

No, use asp

What are the benefits of using JavaScript for forms?

JavaScript can help with dynamic retrieval of form data using AJAX and also the data can be checked and validated before sending it to the server. Apart from that you could add some animation and change views using javascript and jquery.

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num=32767 MsgBox(len(num))

How can you close the iframe in calling page in php and javascript?

Using JavaScript, you can accomplish this by deleting the iframe node from the DOM.

What does a JavaScript certificate document?

A JavaScript certificate document is a document that proves you have all knowledge needed to master web development by using the Javascript and also HTML/DOM.

What is the php code to close the existing window using button?

It is not a PHP code but a Javascript code. has all the answers you need about Javascript. It will teach you how to use the code and implement it into your website. If you're creating your own websites I suggest you actually learn the code. It will come in handy later on.

Can you insert a cookie using javascript?

modify document.cookie

How do you connect oracle database in javascript?

By using ODBC

What has the author Sloan Trasher written?

Sloan Trasher has written: 'Building web applications using VBScript' -- subject(s): World Wide Web, HTML (Document markup language), VBScript (Computer program language)

What javascript on you browser or upgrade to a javascript capable browser to register for facebook?

all browsers are capable of running javascript, and registering for facebook. you probably need to enable javascript on your browser which to tell you how i would need to know which browser you are using

How do you code a big pound sign using javascript and HTML?


How do you save pictures from flash?

Try to disable JavaScript. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, click tools->options->content->disable JavaScript.

How do you transfer values from javascript to JSP?

You can set the value in the hidden form fields using javascript and access the form fields in JSP

How does one submit a form using JavaScript?

You can submit a form with Javascript by using certain code which allows you to firstly create a form then nest this with a button that will submit when, for example, a user clicks on it.

How do you disabe radio buttons on clicking a button using javascript and HTML?

radioButton.disabled=true; to disable with javascript <input type="radio" disabled> to disable it with html radioButton.disabled=false; to enable with javascript

Where can one find free javascript?

One can find free javascript by using Google to find a website which offers the service. There are many websites which provide javascript for free to enhance one's website.

Is JavaScript programs compiled into intermediate form and linked to a HTML document?

JavaScript isn't compiled. It's an interpreted language, which means that it's translated into 'computer language' line by line when needed. You can link JavaScript to a HTML document by using the src attribute of the script tag. If you name your external javascript 'test.js', you can inject it into your HTML page by using <script type="text/javascript" src="test.js"></script>.

What programming language is used for websites?

From the "client" or "browser", you will be using HTML, XHTML, or XML for the document's content, CSS for the document's styling (generally), and possibly JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, Silverlight, Flash, or Java for interactive elements. For the server, you might be using any of a number of programming languages, including PHP, Perl, Ruby, C++, shell scripts, ASP, JSP, Forth, .NET, and so on.

Can you make softwares using javascript and if so how and by the way I do mean Javascript NOT java?

You can't make software, but you can make scripts that can be called from a program.