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Look it up on YouTube. Many people have videos about it. Don't listen to the person before me. Yes it does violate the rules BUT you wont get caught or arrested unless you charge people to play on it.

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What is a wow private server?

A private server on World Of Warcraft is just that, a private server on World Of Warcraft.

Do you need wow to play on a private server?

you do need wow to play on any server

Is omega wow an American wow private server?

Yes, and it is a really great private server,No hacks allowed. Omega wow is the best private server around. if you have questions you can always post on the board. The best thing its free and a lot of friendly people are playing there. It is a really cozy server. half of the world aRE HOOKED ON IT WOW

Is there a code that resets a wow private server?

Only a GM/Gms of the server can do that.

How come your wow private server is always down it says login server is down?

Er you mind trying other private servers??and which private server?

What is a private server on World of Warcraft?

A private server on WoW is a server made by someone else than Blizzard. But playing or creating a private server is very illegal, so i wouldn't recommend playing private server.

How do you get into a private server on WOW?

Look it up on youtube.

What happens if you are caught playing on a wow private server?

I don't think there is any penalty for playing on a private server.

Aruarose a private server?

Yes, it seems to be a private server. There are no servers named Aurarose on the default WoW server list, which is the one that you should use.

Can you get wow on the internet for free?

you can become a gm or on a private server

What is wow mortal?

WoWMortal is a World of Warcraft Private Server

Does playing wow on a private server need any CD key?

Ask the owner of the private server. If they don't know, then they have no business running an illegal server.

Where do you make a private server for wow?

Private servers are illegal, i would suggest staying away from them.

Does trial version work for WOW private server?

trial version of the game does NOT work for WoW private server BUT you can download the game content for free you just can't play retail unless you buy it

What is a good private wow server?

Magic wow - 3.3.5a molten wow - 3.3.5a best 2 I've ever played on^

What is the similarity between playing wow in a private server and paying?

I think paying server is more interesting.

Are only the private servers on wow free?

Yes, playing on a private server is mostly free. Some servers offer donor-specific items, but you can still get the blizzlike experience for free. I recommend Eternal-WoW, it is one of, if not the best private server out there.

How do you make a Private server For WoW?

Private servers are Illegal, i would not advice playing and/or making one.

How Can you Add Realms on your WoW Private Server?

Private servers are illegal, i would suggest staying away from them.

Is world of the gods a good WOW server?

There is no server in the official server list called World of the Gods. If you are talking about a private server, then you will just have to try it.

What is wowfusion's dark secret?

WoWFusion was in item in the private server of WoW(World of Warcraft) that you had to get through voting for the server.

How do you become a gm on a wow private server?

Ask the server owner, but don't be surprised when the owner doesn't answer you. Private server owners usually only give GM status to their friends.

How do you make a wow private server?

Download, install, get infected. basic process.

Why is my favorite World of Warcraft Private Server's login down?

If you are playing WoW on a Private Server, you have no legal rights for tech support beyond what you get from the Admins of that server. Because of this, any technical difficulties you experience with WoW you will have to contact them for.

What is a WoW private server used for?

A World of Warcraft private server is one where only certain people are able to join. This means that friends could play together in the vast of WoW without any distraction from others.