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One way is to get all possible Pokemon in Pokemon platinum and migrate all the remaining Pokemon from another region. Another way is to use cheat like an action replay

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What is the pokemons all 5 Pokemon that Cythia is using in Pokemon platinum?

She has six.Spritomb,Togekiss,Milotic,Garchomp,Lucario and Roserade.

How do you clone pokemons in platinum?

You can't clone Pokemon in this game.

On Pokemon Platinum can you discover new pokemons from box data?

Yes, on Pokemon Platinum you can discover new Pokemon from box data.

In Pokemon Platinum how do you change your pokemons nickname?

When you catch it you change the nickname.

How do you get a starter Pokemon in platinum?


How do you get ancient power on Pokemon platinum?

There are two pokemons that have this move: Togepi and giratina.

What is the code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

in action replay ds select wild pokemons are shiny.

What is false swipe on Pokemon Platinum?

Well If your asking what it does on Pokemon platinum It makes the foes pokemons hp go down to 1... most of the time.

What Pokemon does Candice have in platinum?

I do not know what Pokemon she has but I know she has ice type Pokemon so use fire type pokemons.

Which has more Pokemon Diamond and Pearl or platinum?

You can catch more legendary pokemons on platinum. So you can catch more on Platinum, then the other games :)

How do I fill my pokedex on Pokemon Platinum?

You have see to many different pokemons. Then you will fill it (you have to every Pokemon to get national pokedex).

How do you change a Pokemons color in Pokemon Platinum?

You cant you can get shiny Pokemon By getting the same Pokemon more then 10 times in a row.

Does the white flue summon areceas in platinum?

The white flute doesn't summon pokemons in Pokemon platinum. It just makes more Pokemon come. It could also mean the rare pokemons will come slightly more if you play the white flute.

What are the Sinnoh champion Pokemon in platinum?

it's just the same like Pokemon DP only the level of the pokemons are diffrent

In Pokemon platinum can you mate brother and sister?

yes, the pokemons dont care even they are related

How do you bet 3rd gym in platinum?

With your pokemon. (Flying or Psychic are the best types for Fighting pokemons).

What legendary Pokemon are findable in platinum?

Giratina, the Pokemon who created the Distortion World Dialga and Palkia (the pokemons Diamond and Pearl) Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, pokemons said to have created the world of Sinnoh

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon?

I think , all of the legendary pokemons.

Is Pokemons real?

No Pokemon is not real at all.

How do you beat rorark from Pokemon Platinum?

You can use a water type pokemon because it is really effective on rock type pokemons.•Make sure your pokemons are leveled up toabout level 20.GOOD LUCK!! ;)

Is there a secret cave in celestic town?

Yes, but its for platinum only, if u have all the lake pokemons (Mespirt, Uxie, and Azelf) bring 'em to the cave... Click on the etching of the lake pokemon, and a special pokemon will appear, exlusive for Platinum Only

How many pokemons are there in all?

There is currently 649 pokemon in all

What are the cheat codes to capture all legendary pokemons-Pokemon Sapphire?

uhi8ii9ihih what are the cheat codes to capture all ledgendary pokemons-pokemon sapphire

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